Press Request: MONTAG Magazine

Posted on February 8, 2018


I recently created a Press Request Form to try out the idea of letting you decide if I should talk to someone from the press.

Kathryn Lawrence is the first person to fill out the form and has some questions about KmikeyM on behalf of MONTAG Magazine.

A yes vote and I will answer her questions. A no vote and I will politely decline. Do you have ideas about how I should answer the questions? Is this too much control? Let me know in the comments...

Request: “Buy A Share Of Mike,” my proposed piece, will explore the intersection of the KmikeyM project and Mike Merrill’s personal finances for MONTAG Magazine’s current issue Modern Money.

1. The Investing Proposal of September 21, 2012 says you were using a low-yield savings account to hold the investors’ money. What is the current setup for people who want to know what happens when they buy a share of you? How does your stock price impact your day-to-day finances? Is it true you are actually losing money (as stated in Playboy and Vice) on the project? What about the other 90,000 shares?

2. The proposal to invest in Betterment stocks was denied, but have you explored more elaborate alternative systems? What’s your opinion on cryptocurrency?

3. PR obviously impacts your stock price, are you expecting an uptick in shareholder interest soon? Care to share projections for 2018?

4. Since you started the project in 2008, there have been some pretty intense fluctuations in your market value. I want to ask about some specific peaks and lows: What happened between June and December 2012? You had some huge spikes and crashes, and the Votes you put during this period don’t seem particularly controversial. What happened February 4, 2013, when you plummeted to $0.99?

5. Can you tell me a little about your largest shareholders? (aaronpk, Josh Berezin, and Douglas Dollars) What is your relationship with them like?

6. 2009’s Money Blog ( - how did that go? Where can we find it? Did it make $1,000.00?

7. Did you subscribe to Spotify after the August 6, 2016 vote?

8. After the February 19, 2017 vote to eliminate personal debt with Lillian Karabaic as your personal finance coach, did you succeed in reducing or eliminating the debts incurred by starting your business?

9. Brand ambassadorship for Wet Wizard: how did that go? Do you have any other brand deals in the works? Would you call yourself an Influencer? If so, who is in your audience - artists? Potential stakeholders? Other businesses/men?

10. Your March 31, 2015 vote “Misuse of Executive Power” reveals you were in the process of buying a house without shareholder input - and your recent acceptance of a job and move to Los Angeles were also done without prior shareholder approval. Do you see yourself moving away from letting the shareholders make major life decisions? Or do you think your relationship with your shareholders will deepen again? Do you see the project as sustainable, almost 10 years on?

I hope Mike Merrill will be able to answer several or all of the above questions for my article on the KmikeyM project. Thank you for your time.

Yes - 1763.0

aaronpk 💯☕️ 787.0
davehayden ☕️💯 230.0
Marcus 💯☕️ 225.0
beau 💯 185.0
Pat Castaldo 💯☕️ 118.0
abodens3 68.0
Ryan Thompson 50.0
awmahan 💼☕️ 47.0
Xavier 13.0
freddy ☕️ 6.0
Jamieson 5.0
imcclintic 5.0
reuben 5.0
MadMike 4.0
egli 4.0
tote 4.0
huntbk 2.0
RawrFish 2.0
flebbebe 2.0
jBleazy 1.0

No - 0


Past Discussion

freddy ☕️ (6.0 shares, voted yes)
These are good questions - I like that they are different than the usual ones, and also that they go into detail about share price. Her needing to ask for follow up on a number of votes, though, is evidence that you're missing an important piece of transparency and accountability back to shareholders. If potential shareholders see the same kinds of questions Kathryn has, wouldn't you want them to know the answers? Any thoughts on long-term reporting back on the results of votes publicly (not just in emails to shareholders)?
aaronpk 💯☕️ (787.0 shares, voted yes)
freddy has an excellent point. I think KmikeyM should work on a way to improve the followup reporting for these votes.
Mike Merrill
I've been tracking it here: But I need to come up with a more narrative explanation.
MadMike (4.0 shares, voted yes)
I think exposure is always good and her questions are very relevant to the interests of the shareholders. I look forward to reading the interview!