Brand Ambassadorship

Posted on June 16, 2017


I met Gabe, the founder of Wet Wizard, after buying his amazing harissa sauce at a holiday event I put together. While there are no shortage of players in the hot sauce game, what Gabe is producing is more about flavor than heat. It's a condiment more than a hot sauce.

I downed my first bottle of harissa by putting it on sandwiches, pizza, french fries, eggs, chips, sardines, and just about everything else. I reached out and we met for coffee where I explained I was a fan and pitched him on becoming a brand sponsor (especially if he could provide a sash with the words ‘brand ambassador’ on it). He seemed a little suspicious of applying my shenanigans to his product but he must have liked one of my crazy ideas (hopefully the one about the sash) because he’s come back to me with an offer to be a brand ambassador!

As a Wet Wizard brand ambassador I’d be endorsing the product but also helping design an awareness and marketing campaign. We’re working out the details of that engagement and I’m incredibly excited to enter the world of consumer food product marketing! I already support this product 100% and want to see it be more successful.

If you’d like to try the sauce before voting (I recommend the harissa!) and you’re in Portland you can find it at Cherry Sprout and World Foods and these restaurants.

If you’re outside Portland you can order online.

And I’m organizing a Wet Wizard BBQ and you should RSVP here.

No - 45.0

Azure Akamay ☕️ 20.0
SBaird 12.0
Jos 🎖☕️ 6.0
egli 5.0
Lisa 2.0

Past Discussion

curtiszimmerman (49.0 shares, voted yes)
I like hot sauce.
Mike Merrill
That's a wonderful reason to vote yes. :)
evil_homer (44.0 shares, voted yes)
Your face, everywhere!
awmahan 💼☕️ (40.0 shares, voted yes)
Will you be receiving financial compensation for this position? What's in it for you, besides free hot sauce? Also, seems like you're already promoting it without waiting for the shareholder vote?
Jos 🎖☕️ (6.0 shares, voted no)
Are we voting on you *exploring* the offer, or on you *accepting* the offer, which has not yet been fully defined?
Anjou Wu (46.0 shares, voted yes)
I voted yes, but can you do something about the packaging? It's dreadful.
Mike Merrill
Gabe and I are negotiating the exact nature of the deal, which is a combination of money and product as well as promotional content and help on the planning and development of an ongoing media plan. We're scoping it in two parts: a) I'll be an official Brand Ambassador (and be able to update my LinkedIn profile as such) and be compensated in product and b) marketing and PR work which will be planned on a project by project basis and compensated in cash monies. Currently, I'm just an enthusiast, similar to my relationship with Brooks Brothers.
Jos 🎖☕️ (6.0 shares, voted no)
So a "yea" vote accepts whatever agreement it is that you come up with, regardless of form? That seems to be asking for a lot of faith from the shareholders, and faith in Gabe, because technically, if we vote "yea," you HAVE TO accept the best offer that you can negotiate, even if the best you can negotiate is bad. I'd prefer this as a vote on whether or not to explore the best arrangement that you can, with the right to vote whether to accept said final arrangement or not. As is, this seems poorly constructed as a proposal for us, the shareholders, and would strongly urge my fellow shareholders to vote No.
Mike Merrill
I respect your protective stance, that's good business. My goal with this being a shareholder vote is more around the idea of working with another brand (much like how we've promoted Brooks, but for money!). The bigger opportunity for the shareholders is to build off the KmikeyM brand and skillset and start working with companies/brands/products/etc. to help them reach a wider audience. But like I said, I respect your stance.
krickeyb 💯 (363.0 shares, voted yes)
Spicy! I'd love to know estimated value of this deal (maybe dollar estimated value of services rendered to Wizard?) As a newer shareholder, is there some context on the previous Brooks Brothers deal? How did that turn out? How do you feel Wizards represents the kmikeym brand? Does Wizards as a company share similar values as kmikeym? Or is it more about improving kmikeym's own brand equity as marketer? What about getting shareholders or a subset thereof some sort of hot sauce dividend? I would enjoy in kind dividends of kmikeym profits.
evil_homer (44.0 shares, voted yes)
A kmikeym-stockholder discount, perhaps?
Mike Merrill
Great all, I'll look into that!