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Posted on March 4, 2009


There are parts of the internet we optimists don't talk about. The sexy parts, the dark alt-right parts, the unexplainable parts, and the scammy parts.

One of the most interesting of these to me is the scammy-feeling parts, where the promises of unimaginable riches are just a mouse-click away.

The idea that the internet will make you rich is as old as the commercial internet. During the first dot com bubble we saw stories of the newly rich flying their jets and drinking their fancy champagnes.

Because we saw it on TV and in real business magazines we know it must be real. And so there is this subconscious belief that somehow this computer we are in front of all day can make us rich.

And every so often something brilliant comes along, like the million-dollar homepage, which chokes the logical part of the brain and says, "Wow! I could have done that!" And so, the idea of Money Blog...

Money Blog is about making money. Money Blog is about supporting one another. Money Blog is based on the theory that wanting + believing + doing = having. Money Blog will make money. Money Blog is a system that generates money. Money and Money Blog are like pencils and a pencil factory.

The specific mechanics of Money Blog have not yet been worked out, but we know it is a team effort. Money Blog would like to involve more people, but it has to start small. Money Blog will chronicle the money making adventures of the Money Blog team.

Money Blog will be seeded with the sweat equity and private funds. No K5M funds will be used. The Money Blog project will aim to create an initial profit of $1000.00 USD as a proof of concept.

Yes - 621.0

Greg Borenstein 342.0
Josh Berezin 169.0
Curt 46.0
Ryan Thompson 35.0
dalas verdugo 16.0
TJ Norris 6.0
Marcus 6.0
judah 1.0
Matthew Spencer 0.0

No - 67.0

Alex Malinovich 67.0