Basis by Elysium

Posted on June 14, 2016


Some of my shareholders have pointed out that to maximize their investment is I should be more proactive in ensuring I live a long and productive life. In response to these concerns I propose I start taking Basis by Elysium.

"Facing a long wait for evidence, a longevity researcher takes an unusual path to market." -MIT Technology Review


Optimize NAD+ levels and sirtuin function in my cells to support metabolic processes like cellular detoxification, DNA repair, and energy production though the regular use of Basis by Elysium.

The effects of which we expect to be more energy and the ability to be more productive.

Deliverables & Benefits:

In the testimonials section the benefits include:

  • I no longer come home from work completely wrecked.
  • I can work longer and focus for longer extended periods of time.
  • I have shortened recovery times from workouts.
  • I sleep more deeply and wake up refreshed.
  • My skin feels better, more glowing.
  • After only two-three weeks of taking Basis daily, without changing anything else in my schedule or routine, I noticed that I was able get out of bed more easily in the mornings when my alarm went off.
  • While taking Basis I noticed that I was sleeping more efficiently – I was attaining longer periods of deep sleep over a shorter overall sleep time.
  • The first week I felt more energetic. I started feeling happier. more endurance in my workout routine, as well as more reps and less recovery time between exercises.
  • I have an increased feeling of wellness more frequently.
  • I simply feel better and more content with life.
  • There are days when I’m walking home and simply notice the beautiful sunset.

Costs & Payment Schedule:

Basis costs $50 a month on a subscription plan with slight discounts if pre-paid, or $60 a month for a single one month supply.

Process & Timeline:

Should this proposal be approved we will purchase a subscription of Basis and start taking it twice daily. We'll attempt to document any changes in how we feel to review with the shareholders to ensure we're gaining benefits and to determine if we should keep taking Basis.

Yes - 616.0

Steve Schroeder 210.0
davehayden 155.0
manzalawy 100.0
Oskar 60.0
vc_kmikeym 38.0
csdavis08 20.0
greyday 13.0
Picheta 4.0
4005siw 4.0
artfuldodger 3.0
Jesse Malmed 3.0
samuelcole 2.0
spurgeon 2.0
Christian J. Templeton IV 1.0
garrett 1.0
patle 0.0

No - 2427.0

Josh Berezin 615.0
Douglas Dollars 415.0
GeneM 318.0
Marcus 260.0
arijkem 220.0
Ryan Feigh 131.0
wandersean 117.0
abodens3 97.0
Anjou Wu 46.0
awmahan 40.0
adamd 23.0
supremelord 20.0
Azure Akamay 20.0
mberezin 16.0
egli 15.0
smtlaissezfaire 14.0
pvong 13.0
aharris 12.0
joshuajabbour 10.0
reifi 5.0
Calous 4.0
cjb 3.0
ocp 3.0
edzillion 2.0
mzocher 2.0
Danjayson 2.0
CravenAcquisitionsLLC 1.0
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