Mutual Release and Non-Disparagement Agreement

Posted on November 21, 2017


Marijke and I broke up. We both saw it coming, but early this year I still proposed and she still said yes. I thought a big proclamation of love would be the software update that would fix the major bugs in the program. Instead, it crashed the system. When I recognized how bad things had become between us I tried so hard to correct that there was no room left for an actual relationship.

As it dawned on me that I wasn’t able to save the idea of “us” I came close to having a nervous breakdown. I remember having a physical reaction as the realization hit me that it was all too late. I was packing for a trip to LA and New York to pitch a show to CBS and appear on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and all I wanted to do was cancel the whole thing. My body was too hot or too cold. I was overcome with restlessness, then all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep for a few days. There was an overwhelming instinct to talk through all of what had happened while simultaneously becoming sickened by the idea of applying any descriptors or definition to any part of the experience. It was agonizing.

It wasn’t until the plane took off that I felt I could breathe again. The trip reminded me that I had an identity outside of Portland, this place I’d been living for 20 years. It also reminded me that I was a whole person outside of the framework of my romantic relationship. I think she knew this was good for me. She encouraged me to pursue job opportunities beyond the city, which at first felt like she was pushing me away. But in time I understood that she had my best interests at heart — possibly more than I did in that specific moment.

A few months later when the shareholders found an opening for a job at an ad firm I respected in Los Angeles I applied with some excitement. When the reality of actually getting the position landed I pushed aside my emotional response and quickly packed a Prius full of my belongings. While we weren’t living together at that point Marijke joined me on the road trip down from Portland to LA and *this* was what set the tone for the continuing collaborative aspect of our relationship, even though the romantic element was over.

Since moving to Los Angeles Marijke and I have constructively negotiated the practical realities of untwining a life together. She’s buying me out of my share of the house. I still get updates about our beloved dog, Gia. We’ve both been dating and we’re both moving on in a way that doesn’t just feel like “things didn’t work out” — I believe we worked out for the time we were meant to. The current reality with Marijke maintains the spirit of collaboration and playfulness that was foundational to our dynamic from the day we met. I am very grateful for this.

The slogan for the KmikeyM project is “Community through capitalism.” It is through that community that I started dating Marijke. The shareholders voted on so many aspects of our relationship. Now we are calling on you for one last vote.

We both believe that it’s emotionally and fiscally responsible for her to liquidate her shares. If she liquidates based on the current buy offers it would tank the market. This would have a negative effect on Marijke, on me, and on the project — namely, all of you. As such, Marijke has agreed to offer her shares to any buyer at $5 per share.

I understand that this is an unconventional ask. But this was an unconventional relationship. Here is what we propose:

Marijke and I have agreed to sign a mutual non-disparagement agreement under the following conditions.
1. I will only sign the agreement if this proposal passes.
2. Marijke will only sign if all her shares are bought out.

We’d love it if you voted yes and bought her out of her shares, as we would love to end this relationship as it started: with your support, participation, and care.

Update: The shareholder response has been amazing and it means a lot that all her shares have been purchased so quickly.

Yes - 5509

aaronpk 💯☕️ 1021
Josh Berezin ☕️💯 639
Douglas Dollars 💯 415
krickeyb 💯 365
Adam Kessler 💯 310
davehayden ☕️💯 301
Jona Bechtolt ☕️💯 244
Marcus 💯☕️ 225
chrishiggins 💯☕️ 160
beau 💯 141
Ryan Feigh 💯☕️ 131
Pat Castaldo 💯☕️ 118
bertrandom 💯 108
Ryan Thompson 💯 104
Robby Russell ☕💯 102
sandwich 95
Curt ☕️💼 94
Claire L. Evans 61
rwalworth3104 56
spy1d 55
wandersean 💯☕ 55
curtiszimmerman 54
brendanjones 50
awmahan 💼☕️ 47
evil_homer 45
MercedesRose 35
stan 30
patr1ck 25
csdavis08 25
adamd 23
nickdouglas 23
Kyle.kiang 22
Abraham Ingle ☕️ 22
Mr. Fazuku 21
Medicalmack 20
dalas verdugo 16
Dan Revel 15
pvong 14
TubbyMcFutterBuns 13
moljanenko 10
rsalsman 10
awnelson17 ☕️🌮🕴 10
molly 9
onkar 8
gwguffey 8
hkjb 8
macsam 7
jrg3 7
nikar6 6
Jos 🎖☕️ 6
conjollins 5
cdrobison 5
CyberPunk2072 5
z-archer 5
Henry Chan 5
Jesse Malmed 5
reuben 5
Cory Trimm 4
NoxPhoenix 4
ryancon18 4
RevGonzo19 4
cecca ☕️ 4
young9599 4
justdorkin 4
thomasfox 4
Morgan 4
ben e 3
dimmcnami 3
sloanal 3
bswalsh 2
void 2
chiyeung 2
aguichet 2
E*Rock ☕️ 2
Benjamin Stocker 1
solidlikeroc 1
Dorambor 1
jrasche89 1
kywass 1
willi181 1
WerdnaWas 1
bgodin 1
Elkkun33 1
Meg Scheminske ☕️ 1
jBleazy 1
arronhunt 1
sanche 1
dev 1
kasmanit 1
foxmambo 1
Comb 1
kingfred 1
brennan 1
LeviMoore 1
dbastedo 1
pvfofi 1
seanslater 1
viciouskris 1
Best 1
sauravpalla 1
brharo 1
bryan 1
iansmitty 0
skyeaitken 0
yungweej 0
jograca 0
kevinwelch2001 0
Tweakitright 0
jrroehm18 0
bob7up 0
arijkem ☕️ 0

No - 65

GeneM 💯☕️ 43
professir 8
The Fake KMikeyM 4
Hett 4
SFaulkner 4
Lisa 2

Past Discussion

Mike Merrill
Mike Merrill
And you can buy Marijke's shares from her profile page:
evil_homer (45 shares, voted yes)
Agreed and bought one to kick it off.
Mike Merrill
Thanks evil_homer.
aaronpk 💯☕️ (1021 shares, voted yes)
Agreed and also bought a share.
hkjb (8 shares, voted yes)
Agreed, bought a few shares.
Mike Merrill
This is happening much faster than I expected. It means a lot!
Mike Merrill
Wow. That’s all the shares in the first day...