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  • Bio: Los Angeles journalist Chris Martins specializes in his city’s musical bleeding edge and bloody stumps further flung. Martins blogs at his own Aural Standards and writes most frequently for SPIN, but has also contributed news, reviews, features and interviews to Los Angeles Times, The A.V. Club, GOOD, LA Weekly, Flaunt, Playboy and Los Angeles mag, among others. He’s profiled iconoclasts ranging from Beck to Dustin Hoffman, Odd Future to Elvis Costello, and once did the Humpty Dance on stage with Digital Underground. Martins is the former editor-in-chief of Filter and onetime L.A. city ed for The Onion. He also dabbles in music supervision, books live music for The Jesse Miller Talk Show, DJs cassettes (is a hipster, yes) and will happily drink your craft beer.

Chris Martins

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