Reduce Caffeine by 33%

Posted on July 25, 2016


I drink anywhere from four to eight cups of coffee a day, which is somewhere between 600 and 1100mg of caffeine. The Mayo Clinic supports the idea that about 400mg of caffeine per day is safe.

Spending the summer in NYC working long hours on Chroma means I'm consuming more coffee than normal, but even taking into that into account I'm concerned I am far beyond safe levels of caffeine intake.


To reduce my coffee consumption by 33% during the remaining time in NYC.

Deliverables & Benefits

Reduce caffeine intake from 1100mg to 726mg, which equates to 58.08oz of coffee, or about 4.84 12oz cups of coffee.

Costs & Payment Schedule

There are no additional costs associated with this proposal, and in fact should result in additional savings in reduced coffee spending.

Process & Timeline

Currently we have have a schedule of one coffee almost every three hours. To drop the number we will eliminate the refill we typically have at 11am and the 1pm and 7pm cups, as well as attempt to reduce from 12oz coffees to 8oz/10oz when purchasing at coffee shops.

All coffee intake will be tracked and shared with shareholders. Any negative or positive symptoms will be recorded (sleep quality, alertness, productivity, etc.) to determine if reduced coffee has noticeable impact.

We'll be in New York until the end of September and will attempt to limit coffee consumption to no more than five cups per week day with less on weekends, not to exceed 58oz per day.

Additional Notes

Coffee consumption has been linked to decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, according to m 23andMe DNA test I am a fast caffeine metabolizer and therefore drinking coffee won't increase my heart attack risk.

"The study found that fast metabolizers, on the other hand, may have actually reduced their heart attack risk by drinking coffee."

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