A Mike By Any Other Name

Posted on June 27, 2016


No matter if it’s a dog, a company, or a human baby, naming something is one of the hardest things. Even more difficult is a successful renaming (who can forget when Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation became International Business Machines in 1924), but like IBM I was “renamed”…

My full name is Kenneth Michael Merrill. Most people call me “Mike”, a few call me “Mikey”, and one person calls me Michelle. I’ve never been a Kenneth (that’s my Dad’s name) and rarely Michael. However, spending the summer in New York has highlighted the informality and common nature of being a “Mike”.

This proposal is for a transition primarily to the use of Michael.


To create a more formal and unique representation of myself.

Deliverables & Benefits

Switching to Michael will instill a sense of formality and maturity into the brand of KmikeyM.

Costs & Payment Schedule

Costs of this proposal are $0.00.

Process & Timeline

In the short-term (3 months) I will update any mentions of my name under my control to Michael and start signing all my emails as “-Michael” after the proposal passes.

In the medium to longterm (6 months-1 year) I will coach friends and family to both refer and introduce me as Michael.

Additional Notes

A CNBC article about companies that started with different names.

No - 1854.0

GeneM 318.0
Marcus 260.0
arijkem 220.0
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