Establish Working Group For Nutrition

Posted on May 26, 2016


I’m finishing a month of the Whole30 diet. I only slipped once when I ate a lentil soup without thinking. But that was 30 days of a weirdly restrictive diet and while I think I’m 8% closer to my the only fitness goal that matters (having defined abs) I am very excited to get back to eating my yogurt, drinking scotch, and making smoothies out of various powders in the morning.

Having a system works well for me, but I tend to veer towards extremes. So when it comes to eating I’ll either eat anything in front me or choose a Solyent-only diet. I recognize that I’m not the best person to create my own system.


Establish a working group to build a nutrition plan. The working group will consist of a nutrition expert along with select shareholders who will develop a plan that fits our health and lifestyle goals. This plan will then be presented to all shareholders for approval.

Deliverables & Benefits:

The Nutrition Working Group will propose a workable nutrition plan that will keep us healthy, socially engaged (able to eat with others and likely drink alcohol), and be affordable.

Costs & Payment Schedule:

Online estimates for an expert will cost $50-$150 for an initial consultation, though we hope to offset this cost by finding someone willing to consult for shares of KmikeyM. Additionally, should the proposed plan end up costing less than what we’re currently spending (which still needs to be determined) we will commit the savings back to KmikeyM funds until all cash costs are repaid.

Process & Timeline:

Should this proposal be approved we will spend ten days finding an expert and identifying which four shareholders would be willing to serve on the working group. The plan will have to be approved a majority of the working group in order to be presented to the shareholders. Once an expert is found a timeline will be established based on their usual practices but we expect to have a proposal in about 30 days.


This proposal for a “working group” comes after having discussions with shareholder No. 168 about his work with W3C. I like the idea that small groups of shareholders could craft proposals that are then voted on by all invested parties.

Yes - 3225.0

aaronpk 1073.0
Douglas Dollars 415.0
vickpr 222.0
arijkem 220.0
davehayden 215.0
chrishiggins 152.0
Ryan Feigh 131.0
wandersean 127.0
bertrandom 108.0
Ryan Thompson 80.0
Curt 62.0
Oskar 60.0
brendanjones 50.0
manzalawy 40.0
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No - 955.0

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