"There Is No Spoon"

Posted on June 7, 2015


I have a spoon collection.

My Completed Spoon Collection

As I'm moving into a new house there are things I am not certain I should keep. One of these is my spoon collection. I stopped my active collecting when I filled my display case, and I find myself wondering what the value of a dormant collection is.

Many of these spoons were gifts. Not sure if that matters.

A yes vote is to keep the spoon collection.
A no vote is to not keep the spoon collection.

Past Discussion

Curt (62 shares, voted no)
What will happen to the collection if the Nay votes prevail?
Mike Merrill
I would donate it to anyone who wanted it, and if no one wants it, then Goodwill.
Mike Merrill
Or maybe I should auction off each spoon on eBay?
njg (2 shares, voted yes)
Can the shareholders get some information about the level of emotional enrichment that the collection brings you? I'd like to know what the value-add here is.
Mike Merrill
Hey @njg Good question. I don't think about it much anymore. I feel like it's a legacy emotional object. I mean legacy in the computing sense: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legacy_system There was a lot of joy in collecting the spoons and being gifted the spoons. There was satisfaction in filling the collection and there was pride in displaying my fine collection of spoons. Over time those feelings have faded and there is no longer an emotional connection to any one spoon or the larger collection. And yet, it carries with it the obligation of taking care of a gift. One presented to me by multiple people and partially achieved by my own undertaking.
ksouth (5 shares, voted no)
I have a small spoon collection and would be happy to give your spoons a good home.