The Official KmikeyM Position on The Legalization of Marijuana

Posted on October 22, 2014


KmikeyM currently has no stance on the issue of legalization of marijuana. However, "with Measure 91 on the ballots this year, Oregonians will have the chance to vote for marijuana legalization in November (Oregonian).”

My political party was determined by shareholder vote and I believe it is a very Republican stance to allow a new industry to flourish and create jobs. But there is a lot of anti-legalization sentiment in the party. It is with this confusion in mind that I place the issue before the shareholders.

A Yes vote means I will consider myself a supporter of the legalization movement.
A No vote means I will take a prohibitionist stance and not support legalization.

Full Disclosure: I have smoked marijuana. I have a tumblr about my fantasy of running a weed business.

No - 1163

GeneM 615
Josh Berezin 513
xakxrusx 32
RyanWBaer 3
Leanne082 0

Past Discussion

Josh Berezin (513 shares, voted no)
You should also vote for the prohibition of alcohol, if given the chance.
ksouth (5 shares, voted yes)
@joshbzin I would like to discuss your current vote on this matter with you in detail. It is imperative that KMikeyM, as a Republican voice, support the legalization of marijuana in the state of Oregon. His public position offers a reach toward affecting the Republican constituency. I would love to hear the reasoning behind your current 'nay' vote. Regards, KS
Mike Merrill
I have long been a proponent of "uppers over downers", meaning that I condone the heavy use of stimulants like coffee in place of the more destructive alcohol in most, but not all, circumstances. That is a matter of personal preference and I enjoy a nice scotch as much as the next businesswoman or businessman. A well-regulated market is important when allowing the sale of things that have a destructive side. This is true with alcohol, firearms, and tobacco, and also stocks, bonds, and collateralized debt obligations. Part of being "well-regulated" includes banning certain things but the evidence of the destructive power must be well documented. Risk is a part of life. People in favor of marijuana make a lot of claims about the properties of THC. My interest in marijuana has a lot more to do with the cultivation, specialization, and distribution of the product. I get very excited about the possibilities in package design for marijuana consumables! This excitement about the ancillary business effects of Marijuana is exactly why it's important to have the shareholders decide my position on the legalization of the drug itself. My problem is that I don't really care about the effects of the drug, I just want to make a spreadsheet of the available products. I want to map the distribution of weed brownies. I want to see the overlap between the paleo and edibles. I look forward to both the discussion and the votes.
Josh Berezin (513 shares, voted no)
What a travesty this is. It's like Republicans don't even stand for anything any more. Does your party platform mean nothing to you? Do the opinions of your party leaders, like Oregon Republican Chair Art Robinson, carry no weight? I intend to vote yes on Measure 91. KMikeyM should not.