Purchase of the iPhone 6 Plus

Posted on October 21, 2014


We recently held the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus and we find ourselves in the enviable position of trying to determine which product better fits the lifestyle of a publicly traded person. The iPhone 6 is a wonderfully perfect device, where the iPhone 6 Plus is that same device but reduces the need for the iPad Mini. Does the extra size of the iPhone 6 Plus (and the beautiful large stock charts we’ll gaze at for hours while sipping an eggnog spiked with armagnac by the fire) make it too cumbersome as a primary device?

The iPhone 6 Plus seems to have a few small advantages (battery and camera being the two most common) and the joy of larger more intricate stock charts has us leaning that way. But bigger isn’t always better.

A yes vote and we will buy the iPhone 6 Plus.
A no vote means we’ll buy the iPhone 6.

Past Discussion

Josh Berezin (263 shares, voted yes)
I don't want the 6+, but I want you to have it. Get ridiculous!
wwwhitney (3 shares, voted no)
In my opinion this vote is a bit of a Morton's fork. In order to maximize shareholder value I feel you should be considering capital improvements which require lower outlays than both phone models currently under consideration.
Mike Merrill
You are not the first to bring this up! Ultimately the entire inventory of my life should be determined by shareholders, but as of yet we do not have the technology for control of minutiae. So we are left with the general rule: I ask the shareholders to guide me on any decision I would normally ask my friends about. In the future I'd like to put my breakfast in your hands. :)
davehayden (978 shares, voted yes)
I'm swinging the vote over to Yea. My unscientific opinion is most people are getting the 6 instead of the Plus; the Plus will be more conspicuous, possibly adding to the K5M brand. That said, I hope you'll return it if you don't like it.