Letter of Recommendation

Posted on August 3, 2020


Alex Masmej, the second publicly traded person, is in the long process of filing for a green card to the United States (from his native France) for "exceptional talents" and has asked me to write a letter of recommendation for his submission to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The actual request is very simple. The format of the letter is pretty standard and will require only a bit of personalization about Alex’s exceptional talents. I’ve been on two panels with Alex, I hold a small amount of $ALEX, his personal token, and I am excited about his future. Having seen him replicate the functionality of KmikeyM using blockchain technology it’s easy to see his exceptional talent.

Alex and I had a short conversation which is on the KmikeyM blog, and full disclosure, I then bought some $ALEX tokens.

To give everyone a chance to get to know Alex better we’ll be hosting a conversation with him and you can send in questions we will ask him live:

Mike Merrill Talks With Alex Masmej
a conversation about the future
Thursday, August 6th at 10:00am PT

Submit Questions For Alex Here

A Yes Vote: We will write a letter of recommendation for Alex
A No Vote: We will politely decline writing a letter of recommendation for Alex

No - 47.0

opsis 40.0
KimJ 5.0
hotmansam 2.0

Past Discussion

beau 💯☕️☎️🃏 (223.0 shares, voted yes)
1. will the conversation be recorded? 2. what time does voting end on the 6th? (people may want to vote based on the conversation)
Mike Merrill 🎖🌮🃏🌴
1. conversation will be recorded and shared thursday 2. vote will end on Friday (sorry, the interface for scheduling the end date is a little hinky)
Zach 🌴☕ (35.0 shares, voted yes)
I like what Alex has done and believe in his potential. My vote here is a hesitant Yes, but only because I wonder how close you need to be to offer a recommendation of this magnitude to someone.
Mr. Subterfuge (8.0 shares, voted yes)
Voting yes, but I agree with DREAMSLOTH. Wish him the best in the USA!
alexmasmej (1.0 shares, voted yes)
Hey Dreamsloth, usually it's not the closest people, but the most impressive people you can get to sign you. I got to slightly know Mike and obviously we connect because of our shared "selling shares of ourselves" experience. I also like the idea that he would help someone who's pushing the experiment he pioneered forward!
alexmasmej (1.0 shares, voted yes)
thank you so much to you both DREAMSLOTH and Dr. Subterfuge
Mike Merrill 🎖🌮🃏🌴