Drinking With Intention

Posted on March 29, 2020


A World Health Organization expert warned that alcohol is an "unhelpful coping strategy" for the possible stress and isolation of coronavirus lockdown. I mean, sure, that's probably true.

Drinking at home these last two weeks of the pandemic has been a way to mark the change from "working time" to "relaxing time." And I'll admit it's also a way to turn down the volume on anxiety. Am I drinking more? Yes. Is it a problem? I don't think so! I have yet to wake up with a hangover and it's not constant drinking. Kathryn and I have no problem finishing off two bottles of wine a night and can occasionally do a bit more. When there is whiskey in the house I will definitely have a little more.

Is this a problem? Or is this an opportunity?

I propose that I become "more intentional" with my drinking. We will define the details in a weejee vote.

A yes vote means I'll implement one of the ideas on the corresponding weejee vote.
A no vote means I'll just keep doing what I'm doing because it's probably fine.

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Past Discussion

awnelson17 ☕️🌮🕴 (53.0 shares, voted yes)
I picked the wrong thing to give up for Lent. No alcohol for me, which is a shame, because based on the past couple weeks, I would have already killed my two favorite bottles of Japanese whiskey.
Mike Merrill 🎖🌮🌴
Oh, what are your favorite kinds? There is SO MUCH MORE Japanese whiskey in Los Angeles!
awnelson17 ☕️🌮🕴 (53.0 shares, voted yes)
Suntory Yamazaki 12 is my affordable favorite. Nikka Taketsuru 17 favorite of the more expensive bottles. I go on dekanta.com often to watch pricing. My little stable of bottles has appreciated a lot over the past few years.
worldkiss (4.0 shares, voted yes)
The first sentence of the description says it all if it is an "unhelpful coping strategy". If you drink to cope, clearly you should't drink. The fact you have no hangovers really means little to me. In the spirit of defining your life, I will vote aye.
isaiahjfintech 💯 (231.0 shares, voted yes)
@awnelson17, always glad to see someone who appreciates Yamazaki - always looking for more recommendations also and will be more closely monitoring dekanta.com. Separately, someone recently recommended Skrewball (peanut butter whiskey) but not sure how I feel about it.
wwwhitney (7.0 shares, voted yes)
According to US NIH, a serving of alcohol is 5 oz of wine. There are 25.4 oz in a 750ml bottle of wine so let's call that 5 servings. (https://www.niaaa.nih.gov/what-standard-drink) Also according to NIH, "Binge Drinking" is defined as 5+ drinks in a 2 hour period. "Heavy Alcohol Use" is defined as 5+ days of binge drinking in the last 30 days. Standard recommended guideline is up to 2 drinks a day for a male. (https://www.niaaa.nih.gov/alcohol-health/overview-alcohol-consumption/moderate-binge-drinking) I'm far from a teetotaler but heavy prolonged alcohol usage is strongly correlated with a host of chronic health problems and it seems based on what you've shared that you may fall into this category so I would definitely recommend trying to be more "intentional" about drinking. Also my favorite Japanese whiskey is Nikka Coffey Grain!
abodens3 (42.0 shares, voted no)
Why am I going to another site to vote on the possible outcome of this vote? This is becoming cumbersome and seems to be straying from the purpose.
Mike Merrill 🎖🌮🌴
@abodens3: the kmikeym.com site limits questions to yes or no, but with weejee we can ask multiple choice questions, and it counts all the shares you have on kmikeym and you can even login via kmikeym. it's a new feature!
MCG (5.0 shares, voted no)
Wild times warrant wild habits. If you don't think this is a problem, I am highly interested in what opportunities you feel this continued behavior could pose.