Offer Hours For Sale on HumanIPO

Posted on February 13, 2020


My friend and shareholder Kirill launched HumanIPO, a marketplace for people's time, another experiment in publicly traded people. With HumanIPO a person sells their time which can be redeemed now or in the future by whoever bought it. But that hour can also be traded! Anyone listed on the HumanIPO marketplace will have a "stock" price that fluctuates based on demand.

During one of our conversations about HumanIPO I excitedly said, "Everyone has people who are invested in their success, and now there is an ROI on that investment." Kirill asked if he could use that as an endorsement. I agreed and then thought, why don't I also become a client?

This is a proposal to sell some time on the HumanIPO marketplace. A yes vote will result in me getting an IPO period sometime in March to sell a number of hours. These hours can be redeemed or traded. A no vote will result in not listing on the HumanIPO marketplace.

The only negative aspect I can think of is possible confusion in having two stock prices on two different markets. This does happen in traditional financial markets when international companies have listings on multiple exchanges. Each exchange would offer different values, but of course only the shares on KmikeyM would have any voting control. The shares, or hours, on HumanIPO would represent only time people could trade or redeem for consulting, coffee meetings, advice, or to sit quietly and stare into each others eyes.

I encourage all shareholders to vote yes! I want to continue to experiment with ways of being publicly traded, and this offers a new way to raise funds, and a way to meet new people who redeem my time.

No - 629.0

krickeyb 💯 365.0
Robby Russell ☕💯 115.0
Lewd 💯 102.0
XAdrianT 30.0
419 7.0
egli 7.0
Lisa 2.0
ahockley 1.0
starsoccer 0.0

Past Discussion

davehayden ☕️💯 (343.0 shares, voted yes)
I may be overoptimistic, but I don't see this having a negative effect on K5M share price.
jer ☕️🌮 (20.0 shares, voted yes)
"I can buy K5M shares to influence Mike's life along with a bunch of other people, or I can buy HumanIPO means Mike has to sit at coffee and listen to whatever I say."
jer ☕️🌮 (20.0 shares, voted yes)
different kinds of influence. I suspect there's value in Mike's time that's totally different from the value in voting.
beau 💯☕️☎️ (201.0 shares, voted yes)
the incentives seem aligned here ?
krickeyb 💯 (365.0 shares, voted no)
A vote on kmikeym is essentially a vote on his time, is it not? I think this would be a great opporutunity for HumanIPO proceeds to be kicked over to kmikeym shareholders as dividends. (Maybe just credits used only on kmikeym?) I vote no, because I think we as kmikeym shareholders could get a better constructed offer to tie the HumanIPO listing to kmikeym stock.
Robby Russell ☕💯 (115.0 shares, voted no)
I'm not f*ck-yes on this so am voting no.
Becki907 (10.0 shares, voted yes)
I think, if anything, this could help drive our K5M prices up. More exposure would bring more people to the market. I vote yes.
Zach (7.0 shares, voted no)
I'm supportive of the idea to list on HumanIPO. However, reading krickeyb's vote context has convinced me that given this is a shareholder decision, it should ultimately benefit the shareholders directly. There's no guarantee the share price would trend positive with the HumanIPO listing, so the only sensible reward for reveneus earned on HumanIPO is a shareholder dividend.
awnelson17 ☕️🌮🕴 (29.0 shares, voted yes)
Interesting difference between K5M and HumanIPO. Should be an noteworthy experiment.