Shareholder Approval Rating

Posted on May 16, 2018


Last year I asked if you had confidence in KmikeyM. The answer was no. My approval rating was 34%. My share price dipped to $3. That was surprising to me. I wasn’t on the right course. You probably knew that more than I did.

But that’s the point of this project — outward accountability when I don’t have the perspective to figure things out on my own.

I had dark times in 2017. I called upon you to help me in very personal moments. You came through in ways I never could have imagined when I originally conceived of this project. I was humbled. Thank you for being a true community.

It’s my birthday and I feel a lot better about myself. I hope you’re proud of the progress I've made. But as always, vote based on your true feelings.

And give feedback below about why you are bullish or bearish on KmikeyM.

Past Discussion

beau 💯☕️ (188 shares, voted yes)
i voted yes because in the last year... - there were more votes - there was more communication (the recap videos, slack, etc.) - there's been movement on projects that have been stagnant
curtiszimmerman 🎖💯 (108 shares, voted yes)
This is my first approval rating vote and I'm pleased to vote yes.
Scott Wayne Indiana (11 shares, voted yes)
Delighted to feel very strong approval for KMIKEYM these days. It is with high confidence that I place this vote.
mrdrake (7 shares, voted yes)
Feels like the momentum is way up this year
egli (4 shares, voted no)
I agree momentum is in the right direction with cleaning up old projects and a good run of votes December through March. Still, I'm not sure it's quite sustained enough yet. This is a borderline vote for me.
sloanal (4 shares, voted yes)
change is good. big moves in 2017 have impacted your overall trajectory. plus the share price is up so I'm happy.
Azure Akamay ☕️ (20 shares, voted no)
I still want this personal shares project to be more hardcore in terms of surrender to the collective will.
Mike Merrill
@egli There has been a gap in activity the last month or so, I've felt that too. And it's not that there hasn't been anything going on, but that I haven't had big questions to put up to vote. That's not to say I shouldn't be sending updates and sharing more! As I wind down the number of active projects I need to increase the amount of communication. I'll keep working on that and I appreciate the feedback!
Mike Merrill
@Azure It's a strange period in my life to makes things more hardcore. I think I understand where you're coming from, and I'm nostalgic for when I was putting up very personal and real choices. Part of that is circumstances, but clearly the big violation in the last year was not putting up the move to LA for a vote. I don't have a clear answer for how I can address this but I have some vague ideas I've been working on and I think pushing for further involvement with the shareholders is always the right call!
0b01 (5 shares, voted yes)
$kmikeym too the moon
flebbebe (16 shares, voted yes)
if i keep buying shares price will increase qed profit
Azure Akamay ☕️ (20 shares, voted no)
To be clear, personally, I am full of love and support for the things that are making your life come together in a way that makes you happy! As a shareholder and long-time project collaborator, I feel obligated to stay focused on big objectives and core aims. I'd be happy to have a meeting with you about this next time we're in the same zone.
awmahan 💼☕️ (47 shares, voted yes)
I'm bullish because you have a new city, good job, living situation, and romantic partner, but I also agree with Azure, very few of those things were actually voted on by your shareholders.
jrg3 (15 shares, voted yes)
I am also borderline. I like what is happening especially how the community handled the break up buyout. I think there are some cool ideas that have come out but that they may need a little more push. There is some mid-year stagnation that needs to be addressed, too. But share price has not suffered. Lot of work to do, but overall pretty good!
mathowie 💯☕️ (200 shares, voted yes)
When are you going to launch an ICO?
nhershy (8 shares, voted yes)
I'm starting to become bearish on KmikeyM. I still think the idea is original and borderline genius, but in practice it becomes stale rather quickly. That is in part due to: 1) the gaps in activity (there will be times of frequent questions posed in a short period of time, yes, but then dry spells of several months without hearing from Mike at all). 2) the nature of the posted questions. Most pertain to the big/important questions in Mike's life, and I get that. However, I personally am more interested in the quirky questions, which are seldom.
Anjou Wu (46 shares, voted yes)
I'm only tangentially involved as a shareholder, but I feel optimistic and bullish about the future of KmikeyM.
CyberPunk2072 (5 shares, voted yes)
As a relatively new shareholder (less than a year) I agree that there haven't been enough votes or activity. But it seems you do too, and that you will keep your shareholders in mind over the next 12 months. Having clearly identified the issue, and working on solutions, I have confidence in the way Mike Merrill is tracking in FY 2018/19
wwwhitney (7 shares, voted yes)
Stock is up >25% YoY after being flat for the better part of 3 years, you're doing something right.
krickeyb 💯 (365 shares, voted no)
Bullish: - Lots of updates, emails, videos over the last year. Communication has definitely improved. - Not sure if the slack was new in 2017, but great addition for the kmikeym shareholder community to connect. - Absolutely insane return over the last year. My rough calculation is ~39% increase in share price. For comparison, Facebook returned ~23%. - Big changes in the life of kmikeym which sets him up for another year of excellence, adventure, and change. Very strong potential for continued growth into the end of 2018. Bearish: - A great sprint of votes during the second half of 2017, but already seeing a decline in recent votes and in scale of decision. - I think I managed to miss a few votes over the last 4-5 months, so there is some room improvement in communication. - Would love to see some more financial engineering to keep things spicy. New shares being issued, dividends, buy-backs, human (I guess were not corporate?) bonds. At the end of the day I would offer a strong HOLD recommendation, so I will net this out to a “no.” I think the overall rating accurately reflects the strong turnaround, but I say there is still room for more growth. ~~~~ "It’s more important to do big things well than to do the small things perfectly.” ― Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work
Richard S. Jensen (6 shares, voted yes)
My investment is basis on the principle of a natural accretion in value and potential over time. I see have observed no evidence that causes me to question this model.
Richard S. Jensen (6 shares, voted yes)
erm.. based...
Richard S. Jensen (6 shares, voted yes)
.. and so on..
Mike Merrill
Love that Ray Dalio quote and it's a great assessment @krickeyb