Press Request: Indiedotes Podcast

Posted on February 28, 2018


Suzan Bond, the host of Indiedotes, has invited me to be a guest on her podcast.

Indienotes tells the stories of independent creators, most in software. She recently had shareholder Robby Russell on and he recommended us to Suzan.

The show is less advice and more stories. It's basically a conversation about an inflection point in a project or someone's career. Suzan says she likes to think of it as more of conversation by a campfire than a formal interview.

About Suzan
She's the founder of Bet On Your People where she work with companies to attract and retain essential talent and increase developer happiness, and also the founder of Bet On Yourself where she helps technical experts create a career on their terms. She is on Twitter.

About the podcast
Indiedotes satisfies her curiosity to understand people and human truths through stories. As an interviewer, she researches guests and tries to ask deeper questions.

A yes vote means I'll arrange a time to be a guest on the show and a no vote means I'll politely decline.