Travel Destination Part 1

Posted on January 28, 2018


One of the productive consequences of ending my previous relationship was being in the position to pay off my credit card debt. Using the money from selling back my portion of the house to my former partner, I’m now at a zero balance. Also, my credit score has jumped from somewhere in the unspeakable red to an officially excellent 790.

Shortly after I paid off the debt, I received an email from Alaska Airlines announcing that by annihilating my maxed out balance, the company was rewarding me with a chunk of air miles. I have enough now to take a domestic trip anywhere they fly. I earned these miles by following the wisdom of the shareholders, so it follows to let you choose where I should go. This trip isn’t purely for pleasure. It’s a marker of a fresh new chapter in my life, and as such, my plan is to travel alone. The goal here is to contemplate how best to maximize this blank slate moment.

I made a video loop on Instagram of the 97 domestic destinations that Alaska Airlines flies and you can see the list here. We’ll narrow them down through a series of votes, until we settle on the city I should visit. The first vote is to decide if I’m going east or west:

Should I fly to a state east of the Mississippi River?
A yes vote is for east and a no vote is for west.

Past Discussion

aaronpk 💯☕️ (795 shares, voted yes)
A binary search tree to choose a location? I love it! ????
Josh Berezin ☕️💯 (654 shares, voted no)
There’s been some offline shareholder discussion about the village of Adak, Alaska. He could recruit shareholders!
GeneM ☕️ (61 shares, voted no)
I think a return to his roots, in the Alaskan wilderness, would be a great place to find his spirit animal! Let's take advantage of this opportunity to send him not to pure remoteness like Adak or Barrow but to a gateway to one of the last great unexplored wild areas on earth; Gustavus, Cordova or King Salmon, AK.
samuelcole (2 shares, voted no)
Wait, is AK 'no' or 'yes'. It's red, so maybe that label just applies to hawaii?
Claire L. Evans (61 shares, voted no)
I think our guy deserves a proper vacation. Voting “no” because I’m gunning for Hawaii.
chiyeung (2 shares, voted no)
Hawaii would be great. Have a vacation and enjoy yourself for paying off your debt. The East Coast is cold right now! Not sure if you want to be there.
abodens3 (68 shares, voted no)
Alaska and Hawaii not colored blue is making me twitch...
aaronpk 💯☕️ (795 shares, voted yes)
I think you should change the colors on the map to match the colors of the vote bars, green and red.
spurgeon (3 shares, voted yes)
Regionalism and micro-culture loom larger than noticeable on a daily basis. If reflection and personal growth are the objective, travel far from where you spend your time. Journey to the East! (also an intriguing book by Hesse) I vote aye for east and encourage other shareholders to vote aye as well
freddy ☕️ (6 shares, voted no)
This is a logical way to narrow the field, but it's not a very nuanced way for shareholders to provide direction. I would have preferred choices like "big city vs. small community," "conservative vs. liberal," and/or "flyover state vs. coastal elites."
Mike Merrill
I was being lazy and using a map I found online. Just changed it to reflect the colors.
awmahan 💼☕️ (47 shares, voted yes)
Go to a place you ain't been before! EAST. New Orleans?
Mike Merrill
Never been to SO MANY places on this list! I like the idea of going somewhere new. Also, I could go meet up with some new shareholders? I dunno... we should keep talking about what I'll be doing.
vc_kmikeym (38 shares, voted no)
We had a cool promo a couple of years ago at Evite called GTFO (Get the F*** out). People voted on a random city and our camera crew/spokesperson had to go spend a night in that city. It was a very cool experience (for them). Love this idea.
Steve Schroeder 💯☕️ (211 shares, voted no)
Is there somewhere to see the list of the possible destinations? How many are east of the Mississippi?