Logo Design By Brooke Barker

Posted on May 8, 2017


As the work of launching the erotic fanfic continues, a big part of that effort will be the launch of a new site to allow the same decision-making engine we use here at KmikeyM to be used for other projects. We’ve decided to make this a stand-alone website and we’ll be sharing details as we progress, but we have an opportunity we’d like the shareholders to approve.

Since the launch of the Stock Pool in 2012 we’ve enjoyed the freedom to assign shares in exchange for labor. We’d like to use the Stock Pool to issue 100 shares to Brooke Barker, an illustrator of some renown, to create a logo for this forthcoming website.

Brooke Barker is well-known as the author of Sad Animal Facts, the co-creator of It’s Different Every Day calendar, and one half of the infamous Brooke and Boaz team. Her friendly and approachable hand-drawn style is perfectly suited to the jellyfish logo we’ve decided to use for the website (she already sells a jellyfish pin).

If this vote is approved we’ll issue 100 shares of KmikeyM to Brooke Barker on the delivery of a logo.

No - 357.0

Ryan Feigh 💯☕️ 131.0
abodens3 💯 101.0
XAdrianT 37.0
Pat Castaldo 33.0
Azure Akamay ☕️ 20.0
cmathis103 11.0
molly 9.0
gwguffey 8.0
E*Rock ☕️ 2.0
cxl 2.0
void 2.0
KevinRudd 1.0

Past Discussion

Pat Castaldo (33.0 shares, voted no)
So about $465 at current share price. How does that compare to what her "normal" rate might be? Not enough information in the proposal. This is interesting only because it shifts the voting balance — I'd love to see the breakdown of "average shareholder share count."
Pat Castaldo (33.0 shares, voted no)
Just to be clear — I like Brooke and what she does, my No is more about process and information in the proposal. Since this is voting to let Brooke become the 20th largest shareholder.
garrett (1.0 shares)
Where are these shares coming from? Are they going to be created or come from the reserve of shares Mike holds?
cxl (2.0 shares, voted no)
Voting Nay as well because the proposal doesn't contain enough information. Namely: - what are Brooke's normal rates? - what are the alternatives? - where would the share come from?
Mike Merrill
Clarification: * All votes come from the non-voting stash that I hold. (On original formation it was decided there would be 100,000 shares, ~10k of which are in play.) * After Brooke agreed to be paid in shares I asked for a quote based on her usual rate (she's a professional designer) divided by 5 (as that was share price when I asked, so we're already getting a discount at $4.65?) * One alternative would be to try to find someone with similar talents at a lower cost who is still willing to accept shares. * The massive influence Brooke would suddenly have is a big reason I wanted to put this to a vote.
KevinRudd (1.0 shares, voted no)
While I do agree that offering shares is a good option for payment, I do not agree with the price itself. She was quoted 100 shares at $5 each, so $500 for a logo. I understand that she is a well accomplished artist, with a fitting style. However $500 for a logo design, seems a little high to me. Especially for a design that will be similar to the already existing JellyFish Pin. Are we able to have a 3rd party gain a Dollar figure quote, for a similar logo, and compare? Or are we able to look at a few other artists, and get their Dollar figure quotes at least. So we can make an informed decision on the pricing.
aaronpk 💯☕️ (1063.0 shares, voted yes)
Don't let the fiverr and similar sites fool you, good logo design is certainly not cheap. Maybe KmikeyM can provide a little more detail of the services Brooke will provide as part of the $500 logo design project, but that doesn't sound unreasonable to me.
Pat Castaldo (33.0 shares, voted no)
I concur with @aaronpk — this isn't an unreasonable amount for a custom illustration/logo at all — my reservations were not about her doing the logo or the cost, but around dilution and appropriate use of funds and lack of information in the initial proposal.