The KmikeyM Wrist Computer

Posted on September 2, 2016


Purchase and set up a wrist computer with only apps/settings that relate to KmikeyM (and the shareholders). Purchase of the watch is to be funded by the selling of shares on the open market.


Communication is key to an effective working relationship. Over the last few months I’ve upped my level of communication with the shareholders by creating the KmikeyM slack channel (email me for an invite) and posting more questions. While spending the summer in New York we had occasion to meet several shareholders for coffee (a program we’d like to continue).


Use the Apple Watch as a KmikeyM specific wearable to enhance the shareholder relationship. Initial app ideas include:

  • Slack Notifications for KmikeyM Channel
  • Swarm Checkins for Location Tracking
  • IFTTT for Coffee Consumption Tracking
  • Tracking and Sharing Health Data (sleep, steps, etc.)
  • Email Notifications for KmikeyM email addresses (not work email)
Shareholders will be invited to suggest additional apps, processes or experiments.

Deliverables & Benefits:

The deliverable is a 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band with apps loaded that relate to the KmikeyM project and shareholder communication.

Costs & Payment Schedule:

The 42mm Apple Watch is $349 and MacRumors recommends caution against purchasing now as a fall update is likely. If we sell shares near the current price and trading volume we project we’d be able to raise the funds needed on the open market by the time of the next update. As we have not held an auction in 2016, this would stand in the place of our annual release of new shares.

Process & Timeline:

Upon approval we’d begin selling shares at the market rate. A total of 100 shares will be sold unless price changes on the market require additional shares to reach the $349 required. All sales will be conducted though a new account so that shareholders can track the offers and sales made for this proposal.

Yes - 1267.0

vpr 334.0
Marcus 260.0
arijkem 220.0
chrishiggins 157.0
Ryan Thompson 63.0
Oskar 60.0
brendanjones 50.0
Pat Castaldo 24.0
AF Jamison 23.0
supremelord 20.0
greyday 13.0
E. Asboe 5.0
ksouth 5.0
reifi 5.0
ianbob 5.0
z-archer 5.0
Cornelius 4.0
rleeper 4.0
XAdrianT 3.0
nickdemey 2.0
jeffweiss 2.0
CravenAcquisitionsLLC 1.0
andrewglass1 1.0
superamit 1.0

No - 2512.0

Josh Berezin 618.0
Douglas Dollars 415.0
GeneM 279.0
Jona Bechtolt 182.0
Ryan Feigh 131.0
davehayden 109.0
wandersean 108.0
Matthew Stadler 100.0
manzalawy 100.0
abodens3 97.0
Matthew Spencer 59.0
MGiedgowd48 54.0
awmahan 40.0
xakxrusx 32.0
csdavis08 25.0
Azure Akamay 20.0
Mia Nolting 20.0
mberezin 16.0
aharris 15.0
nickdouglas 13.0
hoytster 12.0
joshuaberger 11.0
Lexx 10.0
Kassidy Kanter 8.0
egli 7.0
mbrooks 5.0
4005siw 4.0
worldkiss 4.0
artfuldodger 3.0
Lisa 2.0
spurgeon 2.0
johnzeiger 2.0
huntbk 2.0
caleblack 1.0
Bruce Asbestos 1.0
Gary Pratt 1.0
Adam Shand 1.0
Fontan75 1.0
patewilliam 1.0
viciouskris 1.0

Past Discussion

Mike Merrill
In 2014 Marcus and I gave a talk about wearables at Webvisions (mentioned at the end this article
Mia Nolting (20.0 shares, voted no)
I worry about computer radiation directly on your skin all the time, and also computer watches are ugly and antisocial.
nickdouglas (13.0 shares, voted no)
Current smartwatches aren't compelling enough to be worth diluting shares.
awmahan (40.0 shares, voted no)
Was hanging out with some boring-ish tech types in SF when the Watch first came out, and they were constantly checking their watches AND their phones. Like the watch would vibrate all the time with notifications so they were always looking at their watches, then they'd pull out their phones to text/tweet/whatever. BORING.
superamit (1.0 shares, voted yes)
nickdouglas makes an excellent point -- current smartwatches are NOT very compelling. Despite this, it is likely wrist-mounted computers will improve and become commonplace in coming years. I think we can all agree that KMikeyM's survival and growth depend on continued innovation. We must embrace emerging technologies and remain at the forefront of social trends so we are well-positioned to identify opportunities in the future. We should have bought an Apple Watch a year ago.
Adam Shand (1.0 shares, voted no)
All my friends who got "smart" watches have become less interesting and less enjoyable to talk to. Ick.
Marcus (260.0 shares, voted yes)
Mostly voting yes because of how happy it'd make him. Mike LOVES quantifying shit that really shouldn't be quantified. Let's just make sure we wait until 2nd gen.
csdavis08 (25.0 shares, voted no)
Changed my vote after reading comments I can agree with. Although they may become more commonplace/advanced in coming years, current adoption has mostly been limited to the super techy non-hip clientele and they really aren't that much more compelling than a smartphone.
Gary Pratt (1.0 shares, voted no)
Instead of being asked to vote on things that dilute the value of shares, I would be more interested in hearing about something that would increase the share price or pay a dividend.
Bruce Asbestos (1.0 shares, voted no)
I think that we've missed the boat to get a kick from being an early adopter. (soooo 2015!) I imagine KmikeyM already has a fit bit or similar? I guess there are grounds for arguing that the watch duplicates existing tech (phone, laptop) that KmikeyM has. And that getting the device reduces the amount of time and attention given to on non-tech activities. In relation to the apps mentioned: Slack,Swarm, Tracking and Sharing Health Data, Email Notifications - most will work just fine on a smartphone, without the additional costs associated with the watch.
Mike Merrill
Bruce: Good point on the smart phone. This idea came out of using the phone to track coffee consumption and it got me thinking about the Apple Watch, which I think is a great feedback device, and how having a closer interaction to shareholders via a dedicated device would be interesting. I do some ambient tracing with the phone and I'll work on displaying that to the shareholders in a better way regardless of the results of this vote.
aaronpk (727.0043 shares)
Hopefully in an hour, the price of the original Apple watch will drop so that might affect this vote :-)
ksouth (5.0 shares, voted yes)
2nd gen price point is totally reasonable and the features allow for deeper Mike tracking and interaction. I fully support an Apple Watch purchase and am frankly surprised at the votes of some of our oldest and closest shareholders.
Josh Berezin (618.0 shares, voted no)
Mike can buy one! I don't see how it benefits us, though.