New Project: Is It Good?

Posted on September 21, 2008


Nothing beats the satisfaction of getting published. No matter if it's your name in the copy or on the byline, seeing your name in print is satisfying. And beyond the ego-stroking there are tangible benefits. Old friends contact you again, new people send you emails, and you become a little more well-known in the quest of fame and fortune that is life.

Is It Good is a project designed to get published in a very specific place: The jacket of a DVD. The idea is simply to positively review new films in a way that gives a lot of opportunity for pull quotes. Eventually as the marketing team scours the web looking for something good to say about Scooby Doo IV: Return Of Scooby Boo they will stumble on the goldmine that is the Is It Good reviews website.

Please take a look at the Proof of concept site.

This project is being supported by UrbanHonking (Hosting and web design, plus some copywriting) and takes only the time to watch a film plus write a short and very positive review. (Additionally, this site will have Google Ads.)

Update Oct 28, 2019: Launched a podcast called 3 Minute Review.

Yes - 520.0

Greg Borenstein 341.0
Jona Bechtolt 68.0
robbyrussell 57.0
Claire L. Evans 25.0
Curt 16.0
Ryan Thompson 7.0
Marcus 6.0
heckchuckman 0.0
Gene Merrill 0.0

No - 166.0

Josh Berezin 156.0
Azure Akamay 10.0
TJ Norris 0.0