Mexico Proposal

Posted on May 20, 2014


The Mike + Alex* 40th Birthday Celebration was held this last Saturday to great success. Shareholders and potential investors barbecued and participated in a heated softball match. During the festivities we were surprised with an exceptionally generous gift: collectively pooled money for the express purpose of sending us on vacation.

The life of a publicly-traded person and business-owner is hectic, and we have not yet made time for a proper vacation with shareholder #160, our shareholder-approved girlfriend. As our latest relationship contract provides for a shareholder-influenced vacation, we are turning to the shareholders to decide where to go on this, our first true couples' getaway.

Our funds, airline miles and the addition of this Brooks Brothers bathingwear to our wardrobe has narrowed the choices to Hawaii and Mexico.

We'll post this question twice, once as a Proposal for Hawaii and once as a Proposal for Mexico. We will take our trip to whichever destination receives the most votes.

*Alex Mahan, shareholder #114, is also fully endorsed by K. Mikey M. with a Verified Trusted Authenticity Certificate.

Yes - 1119.0

Douglas Dollars 320.0
arijkem 200.0
Jona Bechtolt 182.0
Ryan Feigh 77.0
Marcus 60.0
Robby Russell 53.0
Curt 43.0
awmahan 30.0
dandrake 22.0
Abraham Ingle 21.0
handsome 20.0
Azure Akamay 20.0
bertrandom 18.0
judah 15.0
stilist 5.0
senorprogrammer 5.0
beau 5.0
Darkz0r 3.0
mortonmilo 3.0
lisarussellnyc 3.0
Thomas King 3.0
Lisa 2.0
huntbk 2.0
KevinGabbert 2.0
Flowk5 2.0
kitschpatrol 1.0
Radford 1.0
garrett 1.0
kothmia 0.0

No - 261.0

GeneM 117.0
brendanjones 50.0
Anjou Wu 44.0
abodens3 20.0
Xavier 8.0
politicos 8.0
g1411 4.0
ocp 3.0
reifi 1.0
FumiosFunds 1.0
egli 1.0
pvong 1.0
Gary Pratt 1.0
Capta1nk 1.0
hotmansam 1.0