The K5M Film Council

Posted on September 2, 2008


One of the advantages of having shareholders is taking advantage of the expertise of the investors. The K5M Film Council will be a rotating group of five people who will control my NetFlix account. The Film Council will also be an experiment in the establishment of future councils or committees.

Four members will be elected by the shareholders to serve a one year term and one member will be appointed for a one year term. Each quarter a new person will be elected to the council and one person will end their term. The appointed member will serve from May 18th to May 17th.

In order to start with five people the first iteration of the Film Council will be made up of some people who may serve only one quarter or less. The person who receives the most votes will be on the council for one year, the second highest will be on for 3 quarters, the third highest for 2 quarters, and the lowest for 1 quarter (or shorter). The appointed council-person will serve until May 17th.

Further organization of the Film Council will be developed upon implementation.

Management recommends a YES vote.

Yes - 760.0

Greg Borenstein 338.0
Josh Berezin 184.0
Jona Bechtolt 63.0
Steve Schroeder 56.0
AF Jamison 40.0
Ryan Thompson 25.0
Curt 21.0
TJ Norris 10.0
paige 9.0
Marcus 6.0
Remi Olsen 4.0
Gene Merrill 3.0
dalas verdugo 1.0

No - 0