Weekly Column

Posted on April 26, 2014


We’ve been solicited to start a weekly column on the internet (which is a blog). It’s a paid gig! We are excited and nervous. It will allow us a schedule to write about culture, the internet, and our life as a publicly traded person. On the other hand it’s a weekly commitment!

The venue we’d be writing for is relatively new and the invite came from a friend who will be an editor.

A paid writing gig on a schedule and a commitment to write something every week.

We encourage a yes vote, even though we find the idea scary (like stage fright, but for writing).

Yes - 1792.0

aaronpk 514.0
Douglas Dollars 320.0
Josh Berezin 187.0
Adam Kessler 105.0
ritchey 81.0
Ryan Feigh 77.0
Marcus 60.0
GeneM 59.0
Robby Russell 53.0
brendanjones 50.0
Anjou Wu 22.0
dandrake 22.0
colinpdx 21.0
manzalawy7 20.0
Azure Akamay 20.0
mozhu888 20.0
Andy 16.0
ALH 16.0
mberezin 16.0
smtlaissezfaire 14.0
DaveinMI 12.0
webstc 10.0
rvdm 8.0
Kassidy Kanter 7.0
macsam 6.0
gwguffey 5.0
Vildmand 5.0
Dan Revel 5.0
beau 5.0
rwalworth3104 5.0
kbakermemphis 3.0
wwwhitney 3.0
worldkiss 3.0
ben e 2.0
E*Rock 2.0
estelarobinson 2.0
samuelcole 2.0
Erik 2.0
huntbk 2.0
kelvin_pancake 1.0
mzocher 1.0
amcdonald 1.0
Meg Scheminske 1.0
waferbaby 1.0
Matthew Miner 1.0
rlabrecq 1.0
robby 1.0
hotmansam 1.0
Gary Pratt 1.0
nickdouglas 0.0

No - 10.0

politicos 8.0
4005siw 2.0

Past Discussion

Mike Merrill
Also we should talk ideas for the column... Five Things Everyone Should Do To Find The Right Girl - sell shares in self - turn dating into a near-reality show - get super lucky and find the girl of your dreams - be incredible nervous this system you created will scare her off - realize you found someone incredibly special when she buys shares Hmmm.... perhaps The Seven Brooks Brothers Outfit That Will Complete Your Wardrobe. We think the trick is to put a number in the title... that seems to match the pattern of the articles people share on Facebook.