Weekly Column

Posted on April 26, 2014


We’ve been solicited to start a weekly column on the internet (which is a blog). It’s a paid gig! We are excited and nervous. It will allow us a schedule to write about culture, the internet, and our life as a publicly traded person. On the other hand it’s a weekly commitment!

The venue we’d be writing for is relatively new and the invite came from a friend who will be an editor.

A paid writing gig on a schedule and a commitment to write something every week.

We encourage a yes vote, even though we find the idea scary (like stage fright, but for writing).

No - 10

politicos 8
4005siw 2

Past Discussion

Mike Merrill
Also we should talk ideas for the column... Five Things Everyone Should Do To Find The Right Girl - sell shares in self - turn dating into a near-reality show - get super lucky and find the girl of your dreams - be incredible nervous this system you created will scare her off - realize you found someone incredibly special when she buys shares Hmmm.... perhaps The Seven Brooks Brothers Outfit That Will Complete Your Wardrobe. We think the trick is to put a number in the title... that seems to match the pattern of the articles people share on Facebook.