[C7G] License to Drive

Posted on February 20, 2014


Trends show that teens are driving less. While some point to the increasing costs of car ownership we find the more interesting reason is that with more virtual content there is less need for actual contact between young people. Well done internet!

Google will soon offer salvation to the growing wave of driver-less angst-ridden teens but until that day a young man like Jackson Gariety finds himself with a choice to make.

Proposal: Jackson Gariety acquires a License to Drive.

Disclaimer: Management has given Jackson a ride home on a few occasions and he does live kind of far away.

Past Discussion

E*Rock (2 shares, voted yes)
Even if you don't have a car its good to have the knowledge and legal means to do so.
Robby Russell (53 shares, voted no)
I agree with this sentiment... but he's still young. It becomes a huge financial burden early on. It's easy to get sucked into the car lifestyle. It becomes a hard habit to kick later on. As a shareholder, the financial risks are too high for me to vote for this in good conscious.
aaronpk (1 shares)
Is obtaining the license a separate issue from purchasing/leasing a car? I would vote "yes" on getting a license but "no" on purchasing a car. Especially in Portland with Zipcar and car2go available, it is becoming less necessary to actually own a car here.
Adam Shand (1 shares, voted yes)
I'm no lover of cars, but the ability to (legally) drive can be pretty damn useful. Things that driving makes easy/possible: * moving on your own * road trips (without being dependant on somebody else) * safety (your driver gets sick? you can be back up) * knowledge (i didn't realise how fucking crazy some drivers were until i learned to drive. then i stopped accepting rides from the crazy bastards) * in hard times you want options. cars provide options. * cars can be a great way to meet/spend time with/offer service to interesting people (including potential girl friends). buy a car? no. learn to drive and get a legal license? hell yes.
Andy (16 shares, voted yes)
I agree with the sentiment of car=no, license=yes.
ALH (20 shares, voted yes)
He should learn to drive while he's young. Things get harder with age. It should definitely not be a top priority, but he should work it into his schedule. Driving is practically necessary in the many parts of the US that do not have good public transportation options. Not knowing how to drive may limit his geographic mobility, which, in turn, may limit his future earning ability. I do not interpret the question to seek advice whether he should purchase a car, and I do not have enough information to express an opinion on that question.