Participation in suddenly

Posted on July 30, 2008


suddenly was born of urban planner Thomas Sieverts's astonishing observation that "the shaping of the landscape where we live can no longer be achieved by the traditional resources of town planning, urban design, and architecture. New ways must be explored, which are as yet unclear."

suddenly comprises a set of exhibitions, an annotated reader, and a series of public events that attempt to find these new ways in contemporary art, literature, and the conversations they spark. It will take place at various locations around the world, beginning this Fall in Portland, Oregon.

suddenly seeks new descriptions that give the landscape where we live an independent identity in the imagination of its occupants. We propose new language to displace 'the city' and 'the countryside' as the subject of our hopes and our struggles — the subject of our politics.

Conceived by Matthew Stadler and Stephanie Snyder (both are shareholders).

The exact involvement of KmikeyM is yet to be determined, but Stadler and Snyder have extended an invitation which is quite exciting. Before agreeing I need to get the approval of the shareholders. I strongly encourage a YES vote.

Yes - 359.0

Greg Borenstein 328.0
Ryan Thompson 15.0
Marcus 6.0
Les Pozdena 5.0
Richard S. Jensen 4.0
dalas verdugo 1.0
TJ Norris 0.0

No - 0