Jackson Gariety

Posted on December 19, 2013


In March of this year the shareholders pushed us to start a new company with shareholder Marcus Estes; Chroma has since grown to employ six people and leading the enterprise has kept us happily busy. In June shareholders approved a 735 day relationship contract. The current stability in our life, which evidences the wisdom of the shareholders, has left us without important questions to pose recently, and so our wonderful “decision-making engine” has lain idle.

To best utilize this special tool in our relatively quiet time, we have developed an unprecedented and creative solution. We have met a brilliant young man, Jackson Gariety, whose future is undoubtedly bright, but currently unclear to him. Jackson is brimming with important questions, and he is smart enough to recognize the value of guidance at this stage in his life.

We propose to loan our decision-making engine to Jackson Gariety for the first quarter of 2014. He is offering to post no fewer than two questions each month to help him determine his future. At seventeen years old, Jackson is about to make major life decisions that will have huge impact on his future, from where to live to what career he should pursue and whether he should complete his GED. He has agreed to abide by the shareholders decisions.

As shareholder Douglas Dollars pointed out, "who of us (in hindsight) wouldn’t have benefitted from some serious yes/no guidance at that age?".

By lending the shareholder decision-making engine to Jackson we achieve two major goals. Most importantly we will be providing counsel and direction to Jackson, while secondarily demonstrating the utility of the KmikeyM system beyond our own life. If Jackson holds this post successfully, we may demonstrate the possibility that even our own death would not have to be the end of KmikeyM.

We are confident that the shareholders will guide Jackson as well as they have us, and we encourage a yes vote.

RISKS: While we wholly trust and endorse Jackson, we are also putting our stock price in his hands. By giving him access to KmikeyM we are trusting that he will not only post real questions about his future, but also abide by the results. If he should ignore the mandate of the shareholders, even years later, it could negatively impact the stock price.

Yes - 1910.0

aaronpk 564.0
Douglas Dollars 323.0
Greg Borenstein 321.0
Josh Berezin 187.0
brendanjones 50.0
Curt 38.0
vc_kmikeym 38.0
Ryan Feigh 30.0
Marcus 24.0
Geraldine 20.0
Andy 16.0
ALH 16.0
dalas verdugo 16.0
mberezin 16.0
judah 15.0
smtlaissezfaire 14.0
xakxrusx 12.0
DaveinMI 12.0
vickpr 12.0
Gabriel 11.0
Anjou Wu 11.0
Matt 10.0
boldworldwide 10.0
paige 9.0
Datsaarb 7.0
raymondc 7.0
Xavier 7.0
macsam 6.0
Vildmand 5.0
Dan Revel 5.0
stan 5.0
Jos 5.0
senorprogrammer 5.0
citricsquid 4.0
Daniel O'Toole 4.0
probablycorey 4.0
abodens3 3.0
artfuldodger 3.0
worldkiss 3.0
coxford 3.0
rudyadler 3.0
Inkognito 3.0
rleeper 3.0
T.R. Alviani 3.0
jaydeer 3.0
Derp Turtle 2.0
ceamba 2.0
Erik 2.0
jeffweiss 2.0
Hua 2.0
Migin 2.0
kyanov1 2.0
kmmunsey 2.0
jetsunami 2.0
?uestionable 2.0
samuelcole 2.0
jabruder 1.0
GregWick 1.0
Alex Kauffmann 1.0
mmitchelldaviss 1.0
bwillob 1.0
Cody 1.0
changjus 1.0
pdc 1.0
bull77 1.0
amcdonald 1.0
pvong 1.0
Adam Shand 1.0
magnusm 1.0
stilist 1.0
timmytyper 1.0
beaubien 1.0
garrett 1.0
Radford 1.0
robby 1.0
reifi 1.0
talflanchraych 1.0
JDutil 1.0
nickdouglas 0.0
egli 0.0

No - 368.0

Jona Bechtolt 182.0
Gene 58.0
Ryan Thompson 27.0
colinpdx 21.0
Azure Akamay 20.0
Willow McC. 19.0
Scott Wayne Indiana 10.0
ilynam 5.0
The Fake KMikeyM 5.0
Thomas King 3.0
wwwhitney 3.0
dwitte 3.0
bnf 3.0
Lisa 2.0
ocp 2.0
Gary Pratt 1.0
fattytuna 1.0
dancecarbuzz 1.0
mderyugina 1.0
pvfofi 1.0

Past Discussion

bnf (3.0 shares, voted no)
It sounds like something you'd like to do, but is it something Jackson wants to do? You needn't structure this as a direct relationship between Jackson and share holders. You could proxy advice back to him with questions like.. "what advice should I give Jackson about....".
Andy (16.0 shares, voted yes)
I would really like more clarity on why there have not been any decisions to be made for Mike, the person I have invested in. I feel like this is a move to pacify shareholders. I like the idea of providing Jackson with guidance, but I don't want this to be a replacement.
Mike Merrill
Hi Andy. It's true that there is an element of pleasing the shareholders with this proposal. The simple fact is that we've been very busy and our life is very stable (due to the shareholders!), so this is a great way to provide the shareholders with some activity while at the same time helping guide Jackson. Also, we think it greatly helps the narrative of the project by answering the question of what might happen should we no longer be able to be The Publicly Traded Man.
Mike Merrill
Jackson is excited about this project! We've talked about it for a while and of course we wouldn't be offering it if he wasn't a willing and enthusiastic participant!
bull77 (1.0 shares, voted yes)
This is not a replacement option but more of a temporary experiment?
Mike Merrill
Yes, this lasts for the first quarter of 2014. Just three months where Jackson will be asking questions.
Matt (10.0 shares, voted yes)
Ok, I vote to approve since it is only temporary. Other shareholder proposals: 1) Make the log-in user name not case-sensitive. My log-in failed 10 times as I was cycling through my normal passwords only to realize that I had it right the first time only my user name was "Matt" and not "matt". 2) Nominate a board of directors to maximize shareholder value 3) You should make one of those funny rap videos that goes viral on Youtube to promote your cause. -Matt (matt)
akostibas (1.0 shares, voted no)
This seems like an odd action. Seems like Jackson himself should either go public, or more explicitly become an asset of Mike's. When major corporations get big, stable, and boring, don't they usually start paying out dividends? I wonder what a reasonable equivalent of that would be here.
akostibas (1.0 shares, voted no)
>answering th e question of what might happen should we no longer be able to be The Publicly Traded Man. I believe the answer to that is buying out your shareholders : )
Mike Merrill
Hi Matt, the case-sensitive is something we'll look into and we think a funny rap video might be a bit of a stretch for our brand. As for the Board of Directors, we don't need one! We have direct access to all the shareholders!
Mike Merrill
We understand this concern and it will make the choices by the shareholders more difficult. However, Jackson will also have access to the forums and be able to engage in dialog with the shareholders to provide any needed context.