Okay, Should We Start Projects Now?

Posted on July 21, 2008


Back when the KmikeyM project was still in early development the question of projects came up (see question). It was decided that new projects should be put on hold until the exchange was up and running in a more fully functional way. Since that time the development has progressed and projects ideas have been put on hold or missed or removed from the umbrella of KmikeyM.com.

It's time to revisit this question. SHOULD WE START PROJECTS NOW?

There are some very exciting opportunities on the horizon that I believe KmikeyM needs to take advantage of. While the site may not contain all the features everyone wants, and there are some improvements to be made, the exchange works. The KmikeyM site itself will be constantly improved, and so at no time will it ever be "complete".

I urge everyone to vote YES and open KmikeyM.com for business.

Yes - 403.0

Josh Berezin 156.0
Curtis James Knapp 104.0
Geraldine 85.0
Curt 21.0
Ryan Thompson 20.0
paige 9.0
Marcus 6.0
dalas verdugo 1.0
Richard S. Jensen 1.0

No - 0