New Opportunity

Posted on March 6, 2013


KmikeyM has been offered a unique and exciting work opportunity to develop a K5M research project. Unfortunately the nature of the deal is such that we cannot disclose details until its launch, yet it's clear we need shareholder approval to move forward with such a big decision. We are able to privately share the details of this great opportunity with our family and close friends before the announcement. As shareholders you have proven to be close and supportive friends, so we will be reaching out to elucidate the proposal before the deadline passes. As time is limited, we will contact as many of you as possible, beginning with active and major shareholders; if questions remain, we are happy to further explain via email. A yes vote supports our participation in this new opportunity.

Yes - 1694.0

ghshephard 480.0
aaronpk 329.0
Douglas Dollars 302.0
Marijke Dixon 147.0
Matthew Stadler 100.0
Marcus 74.0
ritchey 70.0
Matthew Spencer 51.0
Ryan Feigh 44.0
Curt 38.0
awmahan 25.0
dalas verdugo 16.0
mbrooks 5.0
Thomas King 3.0
The Fake KMikeyM 3.0
E*Rock 2.0
kim 2.0
reifi 2.0
brennannovak 1.0

No - 1.0

garrett 1.0
Gene Merrill 0.0