Health is Wealth

Posted on February 14, 2013


KmikeyM has demonstrated commendable commitment to health and wellness over the last two years, along the way implementing a rigorous exercise regimen and eliminating essentially all "junk food". The Juice & Salad focus of early 2012 facilitated dramatic changes to KmikeyM's appearance. Post Juice & Salad, we've continued our focus on healthy eating to maintain optimal health for the purpose of increasing shareholder wealth. Dietary choices made for KmikeyM must reflect the healthy lifestyle shareholders expect to ensure the longevity of their continued investment.

Because the goal of the KmikeyM diet is primarily the promotion of health and vitality, we propose the occasional and judicial addition of meat. We believe this change will reflect the goals of KmikeyM and provide for increased options for healthy eating.

Additionally, this dietary change would allow us to more closely align our habits with our shareholder sanctioned romantic partner (Shareholder #160). Shareholder #160 has become our primary dining companion and fully participates in and encourages our healthy eating. A mutual love of juice, salad and oysters has allowed KmikeyM to bond with Shareholder #160 over many healthful lunches at Prasad, and we look forward to expanding our romantic horizons through further culinary adventures together.

Yes - 1459.0

ghshephard 468.0
aaronpk 349.0
Marijke Dixon 148.0
Josh Berezin 137.0
Matthew Stadler 100.0
Marcus 74.0
Ryan Feigh 44.0
james 44.0
Curt 37.0
mobot 30.0
Abraham Ingle 11.0
molly 5.0
mbrooks 5.0
reifi 3.0
Zimmerino 3.0
Adam Shand 1.0

No - 585.0

Douglas Dollars 302.0
Jona Bechtolt 182.0
ritchey 70.0
Willow McC. 19.0
Anjou Wu 11.0
garrett 1.0