Fully Fashioned

Posted on October 21, 2012


"A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul."
-Karl Lagerfeld

An advantage of being publicly traded is having the shareholders' collective intelligence at our disposal. While many people recognize the benefit of independent advice, they are uncomfortable with the idea that money determines the value of that advice. We are looking for ways to re-create KmikeyM advantages for those unwilling to go public.

Shareholder No. 13 recently asked for style advice based on our reputation as a well dressed gentleman. Looking good is about creating a process unique to the individual, but our sartorial reputation is based on overly-rigid fashion rules that reinforce the KmikeyM values. In consultation with No. 13, we discovered the problem: his ad hoc purchasing behavior results in a schizophrenic wardrobe.

The objective of Fully Fashioned is to create an online tool for collecting quantified advice to guide the development of personal style. The program will develop a collective fashion intelligence by using crowd-sourcing to rate what is worn each day. Purchasing decisions can then be based on the fundamental elements (e.g. brands, colors, patterns) best suited for the individual.

After developing and beta testing the tool with No. 13, we plan to launch a web-based fashion consultancy. We are excited for the opportunity to apply the methodology of a publicly traded person to help others with strategic decisions.

Yes - 628.0

Douglas Dollars 290.0
Marcus 74.0
Matthew Spencer 51.0
Marijke Dixon 50.0
james 45.0
Ryan Feigh 41.0
Curt 37.0
dalas verdugo 16.0
Abraham Ingle 11.0
reifi 6.0
molly 4.0
Zimmerino 3.0

No - 48.0

awmahan 25.0
AF Jamison 23.0
TJ Norris 0.0