Proposal Maitre Delicious

Posted on August 30, 2012


We have long said we would rather invest in the corner coffee shop than the global mega-corp. But without a local stock market to float shares of the neighborhood dive bar it is not often you have the opportunity.

We recently took a meeting with friends who offered the chance to invest in an eating and drinking establishment in Portland. They presented an attractive and well-developed business plan. The amount they are asking is not outlandish; our contribution will make us a minority shareholder in the enterprise.

We recognize the risks of investing in this particular industry, however, we're excited about the benefits of being part-owner, due in no small part to the team's notable achievements in the local food and drink industry. Beyond pride of ownership and the pleasure of helping talented and experienced friends in a new venture, there is also much possibility for synergy with existing K5M projects (i.e. Whiskey Friends and Allison Dinner).

While the monetary return on these kinds of investments is risky, the investment will not be made with K5M funds. We are confident of a high "social return" on the investment, and that is the basis for our valuation of the venture. We look forward to adding part-ownership of this establishment to our growing portfolio.

Yes - 844.0

Douglas Dollars 290.0
Josh Berezin 143.0
Marcus 74.0
Matthew Spencer 51.0
Marijke Dixon 50.0
garrett 48.0
james 45.0
Ryan Feigh 41.0
Curt 37.0
awmahan 25.0
mberezin 16.0
Abraham Ingle 11.0
reifi 7.0
molly 4.0
ausmonty 1.0
brennannovak 1.0
TJ Norris 0.0

No - 16.0

dalas verdugo 16.0