K5M Insurance Policy

Posted on January 17, 2012


Investing in a publicly-traded person carries certain risks that are not present in a more traditional investment. Specifically, the health of a person is key to their financial performance. K. Mike Merrill has worked to address health concerns by engaging in regular exercise and developing healthy eating habits (Juice & Salad), but the fact of mortality can't be ignored (see Kurzweil, Ray).

With that in mind we've developed a policy to ensure shareholder trust in a KmikeyM investment. With an existing $100,000 life insurance policy K. Mike Merrill has instructed the sole recipient of these funds to redistribute it shareholders at the time of his death.

A Yes vote will mean that in the case of K. Mike Merrill's death the amount of money received will be distributed to the shareholders based on their percentage ownership of the outstanding shares. Curt Merrill, a shareholder and the single beneficiary of the existing life insurance policy, has agreed to work with shareholder and KmikeyM.com site architect Greg Borenstein to end trading and pay out the funds if this proposal is approved.

No - 10.0

Scott Wayne Indiana 10.0
TJ Norris 0.0