Posted on January 26, 2011


The "world's most perfect sleeve for the MacBook Air" was created moments after Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new machine by pulling it out of a manila envelope. The envelope had been sitting in plain sight up until that moment. A collective hush fell over the tech world; Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans leapt into action, prototyping a laptop sleeve that mimicks the look and feel of a manila envelope.

That was January 15th, 2008 and the Manila Mac sleeve became available for pre-order not long after. Bechtolt and Evans, in reaction to an overwhelming amount of orders for their product, wisely partnered with existing companies to handle manufacturing, online ordering, and fulfillment. However, as other projects began to take up more of their time, Manila Mac became less of a focus.

Having recently purchased an 11" MacBook Air we at KmikeyM know the frustration of looking for -- and the joy of finding -- the perfect sleeve for what is clearly the greatest computer ever made. When we first heard that Manila Mac was becoming a burden for its creators we saw a spark of opportunity and rushed in with an armload of kindling in the form of a Power Point presentation and highly flammable new product ideas.

After an initial meeting and some negotiations it was agreed that KmikeyM would be accepted as a majority stake holder in the company. We've already started gathering the contacts of the existing suppliers and working on new prototypes for development. This opportunity is the dream of businesspeople all over the world: take a still valuable, but declining, company and orchestrate a turnaround. A true reputation builder!

Minimal success is all but guaranteed. Being the original manila envelope sleeve on the market, the product continues to sell. As Apple continues to develop the MacBook Air and introduce new products, like the iPad, there will be continued opportunities for new products. While most accessory products companies flood their site with options for every new device in every available color, Manila Mac offers a well-curated, limited run of products with a clean, easy-to-navigate website. We are very confident about this venture.

Upon approval of this proposal we will finalize the deal with Manila Mac and become a majority stakeholder in the company. We will invest with the existing owners in the development and manufacture of products and we will manage the relationships with both suppliers and customers.

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