K5M Research Lab

Posted on January 4, 2011


KmikeyM has a long history of original research. For example, in the domain of food: consider the Fractal Pizza of 2006, the 2007 experimentation with a Taco Burger, or the strangely successful pie shake tests of 2008. Or, on a more serious note, consider the first gathering of the Urban Honking Think Tank, which discussed a survival strategy for cataclysmic events.

In reviewing the projects of the past two years we've noticed a significant decrease in such original research. Hence, this is a proposal to remedy this problem with the creation of the K5M Research Lab.

The K5M Research Lab would allow company funds to be spent on research likely to be developed into new content. Since most research will be collaborative, funding can be offset by passing on partial costs to interested sponsors and participants. Of course, all spending will be reported to shareholders. Most of our past research endeavors have been undertaken with the intention of publication or as aspects of larger projects. In the interest of full disclosure, however, some research does end up going nowhere. Even so, this is a risk we are willing to take. We believe in the old axiom about lemons and lemonade, and plan on creating content regardless of circumstance and disproven hypotheses. This is the true scientific way.

Initial Project:

Upon approval of this proposal the K5M Research Lab will purchase a "neuroheadset" (read Claire L. Evans' Universe article for more information). We believe this technology will become the primary method for controlling computers in the future. Gaining an early understanding of the workings of a neuroheadset -- and priming our minds to its operation -- is essential for continued relevancy. In the long term, we hope to use this device in combination with a "DIYdrone;" we've longed for a semi-automated hovering camera since we first read Bruce Sterling's The Artificial Kid.

The eventual outcome of this project cannot reasonably be specified, as the proposal is simply to research the neuroheadset device and experiment with new forms of human/computer interaction.

A yes vote endorses the creation of the K5M Research Lab and the beginning of research projects that will result in new content.

No - 0