Republican Registration

Posted on April 26, 2010


I've found that my voice is louder on certain issues because I served in the military. I tend to downplay my two and half years of military service because I don't believe it defines me. The political clout I gain from my service is little, but I believe adds weight to letters, emails, or discussions I have with my political representatives. Based on this experience I want to register as a Republican.

The ideals of Republicans are based largely on economic policies. As a publicly traded person I have entrusted my future to those willing to invest the most of themselves on me as measured by money. I could trot before you many examples of admirable Republicans but the truth is that my personal beliefs will not change. This project is based on the added clout of being able to declare, "I am a registered Republican."

Cons: As a Republican I will give up my ability to vote in the Democratic primaries. It may be mildly awkward for close friends.

Pros: The primary benefit is that in a crowd of people, wearing a pressed shirt and tie amidst a sea of hippies and activists I can look into a reporter's camera and say, "As a registered Republican I don't agree with these people on a lot of issues, but I think it's ridiculous for the Government to forbid two people who love each other to get married." BOOM. See you on the 10 o'clock news!

I think it will also be interesting to meet other Republicans and introduce myself as one of them. Plus, elephants are cooler than donkeys.