RSS Reset

Posted on September 8, 2009


I have 257 RSS subscriptions.

Many of these feeds are based on subjects I briefly found interesting or repost info from other feeds. I propose a reset of my subscriptions based on feeds selected by the shareholders.

There are currently 96 members of the website, 69 of which are shareholders.

I worked out a sliding-scale that allows each shareholder to recommend a number of RSS feeds based on the number of shares they own. Users with 1 share will be able to recommend one feed, those with 336 shares will be able to assign 10+. The total won't exceed 200.

If approved I will delete my current feeds and begin soliciting shareholders for their recommendations. This will be an ongoing conversation mediated through Google Reader and email. This project will last up to one year.

Yes - 473.0

Greg Borenstein 326.0
MatthewStadler 100.0
Josh Berezin 28.0
dalas verdugo 16.0
Ryan Thompson 1.0
tjk 1.0
Matthew Spencer 1.0
TJ Norris 0.0
Marcus 0.0

No - 414.0

ghshephard 289.0
Ryan Feigh 91.0
Curt 30.0
Pat Castaldo 4.0