Attempt Polyphasic Sleeping Schedule

Posted on August 14, 2009


The phrase "Time Is Money" comes to us from the ancient Greek orator Antiphon (430 BC). Man has a history of struggling to make more money, but the attempts to create more time fall into the realm of crazy people. Of course there are crack-pot theories about time-travel and less crack-pot ideas about time-management, but there is also the very interesting but still pretty crack-pot idea of Polyphasic Sleep.

Polyphasic sleep gained some notoriety from Buckminster Fuller, who spent two years taking 30 minute naps every six hours, reducing his whole total sleep time to just three hours.

This is a proposal for Mike Merrill to attempt a polyphasic sleeping schedule for the fourth quarter of 2009 (October, November, December). If it is achieved it should result in an additional 3 to 4 hours of productivity added to each day.

The process will of course be well documented.

No - 373.0

Greg Borenstein 336.0
Willow McCormick 19.0
Ryan Thompson 11.0
Les Pozdena 7.0