Wager Insurance

Posted on July 15, 2009


Mike Merrill believes that, regardless of the truth, the American people are optimistic. As such, he believes that one year from now the Dow Jones Industrial Average will be higher than it is now.

Mike Merrill has the opportunity to make a wager of $500.00 on the future of the Dow Jones Industrial Average against Marcus Estes.

This proposal is to allow Mike Merrill to purchase Wager Insurance from KmikeyM.com. Should Mike Merrill win the wager, all $500.00 that he wins will become KmikeyM.com funds. Should Mike Merrill lose the wager, KmikeyM.com will provide half the payment ($250.00) to be made to shareholder Marcus Estes.

This proposal allows KmikeyM.com to essentially make the same bet, but at odds of 2:1.