New Project: Portland Friendship Society

Posted on June 20, 2009



The Portland Friendship Society Project creates a new process to identify and recruit new human resource assets to the city of Portland. The Portland Friendship Society (PFS) will initially consist of K. Michael Merrill and Willow S. McCormick who will act as co-chairs of the Executive Recruitment Committee. The duration of this project will be one year, with possible renewal based on shareholder interest.

This new project will select up to ten (10) targets and begin a campaign to relocate them to Portland, OR. Methods will include written correspondence, sending of gifts, invitations to visit, and other tactics that shall not be made public at this time. The PFS intends to lay the groundwork of recruitment in the third quarter of 2009 and make the first acquisition in the fourth quarter of 2009. The first and second quarter goals of 2010 will be set after Q4 2009. (Shareholders are invited to send target recommendations to the PFS.)

The PFS will initially be funded by just $100.00 which will be used for the creation of stamps, forms, typewriter repair, postage, and other resources as needed (all purchases will be tracked and reported to the shareholders). Ongoing operational costs will be covered by committee members, with any new requests of funds being submitted for shareholder approval.

Recommendation management recommend a YES vote on this proposal. Much like the NASA program, the PFS will have many tangible side-benefits to and to existing shareholders. First, all targeted persons will be shareholders via the Business Card Share Program, and with such regular contact will likely become active traders. Additionally, PFS will collect information (houses and rooms for rent, job opportunities, etc.) that will be beneficial not just to the targeted, but also to current and future shareholders. And finally, The Portland Friend Society will bring talented people into Portland and those talents can then be used by for further projects.

Yes - 483.0

Greg Borenstein 341.0
Alex Malinovich 67.0
Ryan Thompson 32.0
Willow McCormick 19.0
dalas verdugo 16.0
TJ Norris 3.0
molly 3.0
J A E 1.0
Matthew Spencer 1.0
Marcus 0.0

No - 62.0

Jona Bechtolt 62.0