Project Celestim

Posted on March 20, 2008


My parents (you might know them as judges from the UrbanHonking Mustache Competition) are living in Rwanda and sent me an email about an investment opportunity:

Celestim works for us as a night guard, the only one who speaks some english, and he wants to continue his education at the university next year and needs to raise some money to do it. I have attached his proposal. This investment opportunity may not pay any money back to you, except for your own satisfaction of doing something for this young man.

Project Plan Page 1
Project Plan Page 2

The plan is basically to buy some hens and sell some eggs. While his proposal is a little optimistic, the total amount he needs is only $79.63 USD. Such a low investment means there is little risk (worst case scenario, all funds lost and no progress made with project), and while the proposal is optimistic the potential upsides are the launch of a successful business venture and the further education of Celestim.

I'm personally very excited about this idea. The documentation is especially inspiring and with my parents living in Rwanda for the next two years it means keeping up to date is relatively easy.

There is a short window for this, so the voting deadline is Monday at noon.

Yes - 535.0

Greg Borenstein 338.0
Curtis James Knapp 109.0
AF Jamison 40.0
Curt 21.0
Azure Akamay 10.0
Marcus 6.0
Les Pozdena 5.0
Ryan Thompson 5.0
dalas verdugo 1.0
Matthew Spencer 0.0

No - 0