2009 Q1 K5M Film Council Position 1, 3rd Nomination

Posted on January 14, 2009


Determining what the shareholders want via YES/NO questions is an interesting problem...

The biggest shareholder refuses to confirm the nomination of Tim & Morgan, and then when he is nominated everyone else rejects his nomination. Who do I nominate now? What sort of person can please everyone?

The K5M Film Council operates as two elected members who each control a separate Netflix queue for three months. Each film will be watched and a short review posted to the KmikeyM Blog (urbanhonking.com/kmikeym). Each quarter two people will be nominated to serve on the K5M Film Council and must be approved by the shareholders.

This vote is for the nomination of Kenichi Yoshida to replace Greg Borenstein for Council position #1. Friends From Japan

Kenichi is a 27 year old Virtual Interface Designer at Panic who lives in Japan. He is a shareholder in KmikeyM. I first met Kenichi in 2007 in Portland, and many of you probably remember him from my trip to Japan where we tried Miracle Fruit (it was not successful). I am recommending Kenichi because I believe he is a wildcard who will produce unexpected results.

If this nomination is not successful, then I will propose that the K5M Film Council be reduced to a single person for each quarter.

Yes - 700.0

Greg Borenstein 335.0
Josh Berezin 171.0
Alex Malinovich 67.0
Curt 46.0
AF Jamison 40.0
Ryan Thompson 34.0
TJ Norris 6.0
dalas verdugo 1.0

No - 0