300 Share Auction

Posted on December 23, 2008


We are overdue for an auction of shares. The process of auctioning a large amount of shares is intimidating, and so we are proposing a test of the auction system:

An auction for 300 shares of KmikeyM stock to the public. This auction will happen over seven days. During these seven days anyone can submit a bid for a set number of the 300 shares at a set price (for example: 50 shares at $2.15 each) by sending an email. Once the seven days is over KmikeyM shares will be sold starting at the highest offer per share (1 share at $$15.00 will be sold before 10 shares at $10.00). Once the highest offers for the 300 shares are sold, the auction will be over. Anyone who bid below the price of 300th highest share will win no shares.

The timeframe for the test auction will be (Thursday) January 1 to (Wednesday) January 7.

Management highly encourages a YES vote.

Yes - 347.0

Greg Borenstein 339.0
Alex Malinovich 7.0
dalas verdugo 1.0

No - 0