Using Psychedelics

Posted on October 23, 2019


Michael Takes Mushrooms
When I was younger I experimented with a number of drugs and found the struggle in getting anything stronger than a well-crafted cup of coffee or a fine whiskey was not worth the effort. With shareholder approval, I continue to support the legalization of marijuana but I rarely smoke it.

In getting older, I assumed my experimental drug use was mostly behind me. But in the past few months, I had two great experiences with mushrooms. In both cases I was a little hesitant when presented with the opportunity, not feeling sure I wanted to "trip." And in both cases I had a wonderful and thought-provoking time where I just sat and thought. After reading Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind I believe mushrooms are the perfect occasional drug for a well-adjusted 40-year old.

My favorite part of the book was a description of the mind as a snowy mountain. At first, when you're born, it's all fresh powder. As we experience new things we start to carve sled and ski tracks that form patterns. Those eventually become the paths and routes we frequently take and soon we have a way of seeing the world. Taking psychedelics allows us to return to the "fresh powder" of our mind and encountering new ways of thinking of old things. 

But of course mushrooms are illegal. As a capitalist there can advantages to pushing against rules and regulations (the entire business model of companies like Uber and Airbnb), but ultimately capitalism can only exist if the rule of law is held up (via the threat of violence, but we don’t need to get into that right now). 

Are the potential advantages of taking psychedelics beneficial enough to overcome the low likelihood of getting caught breaking the law? Can psychedelics and capitalism coexist?

A yes vote means you endorse my experimentation with psychedelics. A no vote means I should abstain.

Disclaimer: This is all for entertainment purposes. I will not, nor have I ever, taken illegal drugs. ;)

No - 598.0

GeneM ☕️💯 348.0
brendanjones 50.0
opsis 41.0
ted 38.0
XAdrianT 30.0
JeffersonNunn 26.0
jer ☕️🌮 20.0
smtlaissezfaire 14.0
mrdrake 7.0
egli 7.0
Jos 🎖☕️ 6.0
ntxiaoxx 3.0
suesy_x 3.0
Danjayson 2.0
fabienmgirard 1.0
Revbat 1.0
lukelightman 1.0

Past Discussion

suesy_x (3.0 shares, voted no)
Just don't
JeffersonNunn (26.0 shares, voted no)
Although the mind can appear expanded it comes at great cost to the body. In truth it does very little for the soul. Just remember there is only Prior Unity.
curtiszimmerman 🎖💯 (203.0 shares, voted yes)
I don't think anybody that claims mushrooms inflicts "great cost to the body" has ever done mushrooms. Also do not worship other human beings. Eat mushrooms and worship those instead.
joshuaberger ☕️ (12.0 shares, voted yes)
Recommended additional reading: I've heard Michael Pollen being referred to as a "tourist" by many people I know that inhabit this area.
krickeyb 💯 (365.0 shares, voted yes)
I support the use of psychedelics, but I'd love it if there was some more details on why, how, etc. Are you hoping to use more regularly? Does approval mean you're a "yes" when offered in the future without any personal plan for usage. Do you plan to use for recreation, "fresh powdering", working through a specific issue, all of the above?
cecca ☕️ (4.0 shares)
As a non-user who gets particularly nervous about the fragility of my own brain chemistry, I respect and appreciate your interest in experimentation and especially this part of your argument: "I believe mushrooms are the perfect occasional drug for a well-adjusted 40-year old." I'm not voting in either direction.
flebbebe (31.0 shares, voted yes)
I am both for a) breaking bad laws; and b) not publicly endorsing breaking laws since it could affect stock price. It's not the activity, it's the vote.
flebbebe (31.0 shares, voted yes)
Oh, I saw your disclaimer! A+!
jer ☕️🌮 (20.0 shares, voted no)
I'm all for psychedelics, but I'm with krickeyb: this isn't fleshed out enough to be a vote.
Mike Merrill 🎖🌮🌴
This is a general vote in favor of the use of psychedelics. Should it pass I can report back on any experiences and we can determine if I need additional parameters. (For those that prefer a full plan be presented I respect the "no" vote for that reason.)
Coburnicus (17.0 shares, voted yes)
Let's jump ship. Motion for next vote to be expanding psychedelics consumed outside the realm of mushrooms. BLast off with some DMT and go to another dimension.
Mike Merrill 🎖🌮🌴
Let's learn to crawl before we try to fly? ;)
ted (38.0 shares, voted no)
Don't want you to have a bad trip, mate