Street Food In Buenos Aires

Posted on October 30, 2008


Today at we received an email from Juan Camilo Paredes. He is a freelance photographer and he was offering his services. I found the email to be a little bit spammy, but I had to admit that I was interested.

I want to hire Juan to photograph some street food in Buenos Aires for an entry on Digest.

The internet allows for these sorts of impromptu opportunities where we can communicate with a stranger in another country, and also exchange services and money all online. This is a pretty powerful aspect to the internet that is overshadowed by personal connections and the people we interact with on a regular basis.

Upon approval I will enter into price negotiations (please leave any input in the forums).

Management encourages a yes vote.

(Note: I would like to move on this quickly, so voting ends tomorrow!)

Yes - 401.0

Greg Borenstein 337.0
robbyrussell 38.0
Willow McCormick 19.0
Alex Malinovich 7.0
Marcus 0.0

No - 1.0

dalas verdugo 1.0