Project Reorganization

Posted on January 20, 2018


The last vote was a nail biter. I asked you to grant me project bankruptcy — meaning, I could walk away from all the unfinished ventures that you’ve approved over the last several years. The vote was rejected by a margin of 8 per cent. You vividly debated the proposal in the comments section, which I read with gratitude and curiosity. Based on your guidance, I’ve come up with a new vote. But before I get to that, let me outline my main takeaways from your comments.

- Instead of bankruptcy, Chapter 7, we will act in the spirit of Chapter 11. This means a reorganization of “project debt”, rather than a wholesale liquidation. Thank you to shareholder 178, Dave Hayden, for that suggestion.

- There was a big push for projects to be time bound, rather than open-ended. An example of this is was the ambiguously expressed vote that I “learn how to play the piano.” Unspecific language and opaque intent creates an impossibility to close out the endeavor, as there is no set end point. Moving forward, proposals will have a precisely defined criteria for success.

- The vote also told me that you want more granular accountability regarding project progress. To that end, I’ve created an Airtable (LINK) where I’ve listed every project by its current status.

Proposal: I will reduce the number of active projects — currently at a bloated 16 — to 4 or fewer. During this transition, shareholder 19, Marcus Estes, will check in with me at the end of every month to ensure I am working diligently to attain my goal. To keep the shareholders abreast of my progress, the Airtable will remain public and accessible indefinitely.

No - 62.0

GeneM ☕️ 58.0
young9599 4.0

Past Discussion

chiyeung (2.0 shares, voted yes)
Love the transparency
Richard S. Jensen (6.0 shares, voted yes)
I received an email about this decision but not previous decisions. It seems unlikely that my votes would have made a difference, but how can one be sure?
anony (1.0 shares, voted yes)
I did not receive an email about the last decision as well.
Mike Merrill
If you click on Mailing List in the footer you can add yourself. Not sure why you would have missed the last one but got this one... (spam folder?).
curtiszimmerman (54.0 shares, voted yes)
Haha in the grandest tradition of every startup that ever existed, we've landed on project management processes years into the endeavor. +1
Marcus 💯☕️ (225.0 shares, voted yes)
Mike's very responsive to process! I expect this vote will produce a positive outcome for his productive output as well as shareholder value.
foxmambo (1.0 shares, voted yes)
Very impressed about all the successful projects and super pleased that you’re transforming your feeling of failure into a positive, structured approach. Although I hope to see piano playing back on the active list soon. Good luck!
ben e (3.0 shares, voted yes)
This is a thoughtful approach that should easily gain the support of shareholders.
A J Cole (2.0 shares, voted yes)
You have a YES vote from me! I would like to request that you maintain a tidy Airtable and link to it each time you discuss projects in communications to shareholders. The Airtable is a useful layout to see what's really going on. Is it safe to assume that projects in the PENDING category will eventually be moved to the IN PROGRESS category as you fulfill/complete? If you decide to commit to 4 projects at a time, how do you intend to balance ongoing projects like the Fortnightly Business Report with short term projects like the Crowd Sources Fan Fic? In addition, I think visual aids will help shareholders see progress. I might sound like a grandmother, but I would love to see pictures of you working, of your style changing, and of you wearing your ambassador sash.
flebbebe (2.0 shares, voted yes)
Individual quibbles overwhelmed by the quality of the proposal.
XAdrianT (3.0 shares, voted yes)
Some much-needed accountability, facilitated by a large shareholder - good proposal!
Mike Merrill
A J Cole: The plan is to get to nothing in Pending and no more than four In Progress. Might take a little time to close things up and define their success/failure criteria, but it will all be public. Anything dramatic, like closing something by declaring it a failure, will be put up for it's own shareholder vote.
krickeyb 💯 (365.0 shares, voted yes)
Would be great if you and Marcus post a monthly summary after the progress check-ins. The Twitter and the blog are pretty quiet and this seems like the perfect excuse to keep them more up to date.