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Posted on September 18, 2016


The rejection of the vote for the Apple Watch made me wonder if I’m making a false assumption that shareholders want me to track personal data about my life. Does it matter how many steps I take? Do I need to check in to places I go? Is it important to track computer-usage, apps, websites, etc.? Technology has made it easy track, but is it useful?

If the shareholders approve this proposal I will continue to track my personal data and create a better process to share that information with shareholders on a regular basis. A rejection means I will no longer track data about myself, which I admit seems kind of freeing.

If personal data would be of interest please add a comment about what should be tracked and any examples of how to display personal data you’ve found interesting or useful.

If my personal data has no interest to you please mention what other kind of information you’d like to be provided with.

Yes - 495.0

Marcus 260.0
Curt 62.0
rwalworth3104 56.0
Pat Castaldo 24.0
Mia Nolting 20.0
aharris 15.0
nickdouglas 13.0
joshuaberger 11.0
XAdrianT 6.0
valeavy 5.0
reifi 5.0
mbrooks 5.0
wwwhitney 3.0
Lisa 2.0
cxl 2.0
alexwilhelm 2.0
rayvan121 2.0
CravenAcquisitionsLLC 1.0
andrewglass1 1.0

No - 666.0

GeneM 237.0
manzalawy 100.0
Matthew Spencer 59.0
UnusualPi 57.0
Anjou Wu 46.0
xakxrusx 32.0
csdavis08 25.0
supremelord 20.0
Azure Akamay 20.0
SteveS 17.0
pvong 13.0
molly 9.0
E. Asboe 5.0
egli 5.0
Calous 4.0
4005siw 4.0
coxford 4.0
worldkiss 4.0
smont 3.0
spurgeon 2.0

Past Discussion

Josh Berezin (655.54397 shares)
Maybe you could tell us more about what you currently track, or share a mockup of what you could share in the future?
GeneM (237.0 shares, voted no)
Other kinds of information I'm interested in; reports on inflow/outflows of K5M fund, financial disclosures similar to politicians (ranges not exact figures), quarterly reports with forecasts and YoY trends and personality. Periodic Myer Briggs personality tests. RescueTime productivity scores. I also value certain types of self-reported information, caffeine tracking for example was very well done. If you were to experiment further with mind hacking activities it might be good to build a baseline for mood, attention span, etc. There must be some good online tools for measuring these types of mental attributes. Despite my opposition to this proposal, I think there is a cross-promotion opportunity to partner with a upstart device company* and drive shareholder value, rather than noodling with quantified self pseudo-science. * e.g. (though they seem to be getting plenty of PR via Kickstarter...)
egli (5.0 shares, voted no)
I would prefer more updates over shared stats.
Mike Merrill
Josh: Currently I'm tracking my locations, steps, workouts, coffee consumption, and computer usage. Gene: I like those ideas. Of course a yes vote makes them more likely. :) Egli: I think you might be right. I could start with more narrative reports and then add stats as needed.
mbrooks (5.0 shares, voted yes)
I'm more interested in running (if you're doing it) and routes taken (if you're running outside).
joshuaberger (11.0 shares, voted yes)
Things that are health-related are important to track. Not tracking for the sake of the data, but for the sake of personal betterment and feeling healthy. Eating foods that are right for your body, not consuming things that are harmful to your body, etc. As a shareholder that type of data pertains directly to my investment. As a friend it matters because I want you to be healthy and happy.
joshuaberger (11.0 shares, voted yes)
So, I vote "yes" with that stipulation: Track things that are meaningful and beneficial to your well being.
Mike Merrill
mbrooks: I'm not much of a runner. joshuaberger: As I start to share what info with shareholders it will be helpful to have input on what is or isn't beneficial! Definitely looking for input here.
Mia Nolting (20.0 shares, voted yes)
I'm interested in this pointless information. But where/how is it shared? Is there an annual report?
keferl (4.0 shares)
I'd be interested in your personal data if it were put together in some kind of quarterly report, but only if it can be generated on your end without much effort. Otherwise, if the only parties that can view the data are the service providers I would vote to stop tracking.
Mike Merrill
Mia: Right now the problem is I'm not collecting it well or presenting it. If the information is worth tracking/displaying (if the proposal passes) I'll work on displaying it as a regular report. Keferi: I think this would not take much effort, just a change in some personal habits (update a spreadsheet every week, nbd).
aaronpk (615.56216 shares)
I am interested in this information, but only if it is presented as a report. I would love to see a quarterly report with stats for the quarter. Here are some examples of other reports with similar statistics:
Mike Merrill
I love the Feltron reports! I think if data capture becomes routine that could happen. My question is, would that be useful, or just interesting? The way this vote is going leads me to think the right next step is more qualitative reporting in the short term and to look at the quantitative later.
cxl (2.0 shares, voted yes)
I think it would be useful to have, probably not live and die by some arbitrary numbers (e.g. you _must_ walk 2,000 steps a day to be healthy, you can't spend 10 hours a week on facebook), but rather to get some insight as to where your time, energy, and money (restaurants, coffee shops...) goes. There might be some adjustments needed in how your time is spent, and how much exercise you get (or don't), but we'll never know without accurate, collated metrics. I vote yes.