Should We Start Projects Now?

Posted on January 29, 2008


While we are live and actively trading, we are also still making small changes and not quite ready to announce the IPO to everyone. The question is, should we go ahead and start projects now? Or continue to test the site and wait until we have a more "official" announcement?

Personally I think it's fine to just jump in and get started, but I thought that opening this question to the shareholders is also a good test of the Shareholder Question functionality.

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Yes - 429.0

Greg Borenstein 338.0
Steve Schroeder 76.0
Scott Wayne Indiana 8.0
Marcus 6.0
Kenneth H Merrill 1.0

No - 515.0

Josh Berezin 150.0
Curtis James Knapp 139.0
Gene Merrill 92.0
Jona Bechtolt 68.0
AF Jamison 40.0
Curt 21.0
Les Pozdena 3.0
Cole Miller 2.0
timjcoulter 0.0